Saturday Session - 23 November

Hmm. After some interesting stuff these last few days, I could be back in commission soon.

What: Nothing - recovery.
Why: Spent three days at the Royal School of Artillery. In amongst the informative parts, there were many instances of running, assault courses, circuits, more running, 5-a-side football, etc. Now I thoroughly ache. BUT! Stress fracture in my heel appears to have healed (thank ****). Now just have to watch out for the attendant tissue soreness, which has remained to a degree due to having to walk round on my injured foot.

Last hard: Tae your pick of Wednesday, Thursday or yesterday.
Last rest: Today (recovery).


  • do you work for this web site or is that you use the computer alot, psi pops up alot. are you doing a diary.
  • What: Walking (personal training), 3.5 hours of Body Balance (that yoga/pilates based thing I do), and if I can a run or swim - not sure if body will let me feeling a bit under the weather (moan, moan)
    Why: The weekend is mine - and I'm not 'socialising'
    Last hard: Yesterday: my 30 minute run with lingering ill feeling was like running through treacle
    Last easy: Wednesday
    Anyone else got the lurgy - everyone I know has got it.
  • Morning tout le mond,

    Cold has not materialised, must be a getting-out-of-bed allergy.

    What : Swimming lesson + Two miles recovery.
    Why : Cross-country race tomorrow.
    Last Hard : Thursday.
    Last easy : Yesterday.
  • Psi -- glad to see you back and things were okay - heel is healing whee! Good one.

    Snicks -- take it easy eh :o) let the bod look after itself :o)
    You all know my 'training' entries by now

    What: I'll be donning my american footie gear and braving the crowds in Manchester City Centre this morning in a bid to get some more Xmas shopping out of the way. Hopefully I will return with plentiful heavy bags which might include a PS2 (wheee!) and lots of goodies which will negate the Xmas shopping nightmare which is December :o)

    Why: because going running would be faaaarrr too easy wouldn't it - besides still not fit enough although if this chemo continues to be okay (as I have been this time) then hopefully with new drugs maybe I might get some energy back and start building up some strength to run again :o)

    Last Hard : duelling with zapping machine and attendant professionals yesterday

    Lst easy: what's that ..? :o)
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Good luck with the Christmas shopping Cath.
    Fortunately Mrs D is VERY well organised,so much so that I wrapped the last batch this week. (smug grin :D)

    What : not sure,planning either 18-19 mile long run tomorrow OR Camberley AC X-country which leaves me unsure what to do today.
    I'll probably do an hour in the gym or maybe some hill reps.
    Why : see above
    Last rest : Thursday
    Last Hard : Wednesday

    Good luck if you're racing this w/end
  • what: try to do yesterday's planned session today
    why: see yesterday's 2nd entry

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Fri (enforced & didn't feel like it)
    last long day: Sun
  • What: 6 miles fartlek in a deluge
    Why: an experiment to see how wet it's possible to get
    Last Hard Day: Thursday tempo
    Last Rest: last Saturday

    a car drove through a lake at the side of the road and the resulting tidal wave went over my head - don't you just love considerate motorists?

    and now of course the sun has suddenly and improbably come out the moment I get back inside!

    have a good w/e everybody.
  • Cath and Psi,
    you guys are awesome.

    whose head are you looking at the back of in the picture??

    Laura L,
    ginger cake, yum, added to my list also and well done on your session yesterday, that's a great workout.

    Mike S,
    sorry to hear about your M.i.L, best of luck with todays run.

    the exact same thing happened to me 2 or 3 weeks back when I was running on a club night, the soaking from the car actually didn't make any difference as I was already soaked to the skin by that point. Didn't stop me hurling expletives at the driver though, which I did on principal.

    What: Gym
    Why: Hip seems ok again after Thursday so a bit of X-training seems in order.
    Last hard run: Thursday
    Last rest day: Yesterday

    Best of luck to everyone racing this weekend.

    Are you doing the Leicester Half?
  • Afternoon.

    What: Just done 8.5K gentle (more than I'm allowed!) on the road. Roads hurt my iffy knee more than the good old mill, but I'm getting through it well. Lovely afternoon in Cambs.
    Why: Had my rest day, will rest tomorrow, couldn't resist
    Hard: A while ago
    Rest: Yesterday

    Extra positive vibes for the injured and the ill. Keep going, chaps.
  • Hello, weekend warriors. Psi, hope that you don't start to think of the Moonwalk as too easy now you're back in action. Cath, I'm so glad you're not sick this time round.

    What: One hour of Body Pump (a bit lighter than usual as been away for 2 weeks), 20mins of stepping, 800m swim, and about 3.5 miles of transport walking.
    Why: Trying to get back to training again - only 8 weeks to Helsby and I want a PB there too!
    Last rest day: Thursday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.

    Hope to be up for a proper road run of worthwhile length tomorrow.
  • rest/curry and alcohol today frolic tomorrow
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Afternoon all.

    Snicks hope you feel better soon. I had a yukky bug a couple of w.ends ago.

    Mike S- hope your MiL is ok.

    Glad to hear you aren't suffering the horrid sickness this time Cath. You'll soon be back having a run, best of luck!

    Everyone else who is suffering this weekend, best wishes!

    Good luck all you racers,look forward to reading race reports.

    What: swimming-1 mile front crawl
    Why: like to swim on a Saturday after shopping.
    Last hard: yesterday.
    Last rest: Thursday.
  • What: 1Hr Hi/Lo aerobics class - that's all

    Why: yesterday I did more than I'd planned and at a faster pace and today my back is really sore so wanted to avoid too much jarring and tomorrow I want to get in some road miles as I'm racing next weekend.
    Last hard day: well yesterday I suppose.
    Last rest day: Today.

    Have fun everyone.
  • Hi folks!!!

    What: Massive session on weights chest, arms, back, abs, 2000m row and x trainer.

    Why:Friend wanted to get back into resistance work, so put him through his paces.

    Last Hard: Today was very hard
    Last Rest: Wednesday
    Next Run: Tomorrow 12-15 miles

    Have fun peeps!!!
  • evening all.

    what: 10 km on treadmill
    why: physio recommended i change running style slightly to stop the hip pains, so i thought i'd try it on a mill rather than outside. wasn't too bad but i'm not sure i kept it up for all of it.
    last hard: today, kept having to look if i was landing right on my right foot.
    last rest: Thursday

    Still making up my mind whether to turn up and enter Clowne 1/2M tomorrow. think i will as it beats christmas shopping.

    Good luck if your racing tomorrow.
  • Evening all,

    Mike - hope your mother in law gets better soon. Sounds like a stressful pm and evening, have a good run today instead. Cath, good luck with the christmas shopping, glad you're feeling a bit perkier.

    Dustin - well impressed you actually help with wrapping the pressies. Be very smug.

    Vrap, let's make that a double PB then shall we?

    What: 1.45 hr xcountry, a muddy trudge through water logged ground.
    Why: social weekend run.
    Last hard: yesterday.
    Last rest: Thurs.

    Then I sneaked off and bought myself a new pair of running shoes, Saucony Jazz 7 if you must know, good for broadfooted folk like me. Nobody's spotted the bag yet!

    have a good rest of weekend - Snicks, take it easy!
  • Paul -

    I had that, a physio who told me to change my running style, and it gave me no end of problems that I hadn't had before.

    a lot of all-time great runners had lop-sided gaits and fortunately no-one told them to change.

    make sure your physio really knows about running - mine didn't!
  • Achilles,

    i have a lot of confidence in her. She's been recommended as a sports specialist. I'm pretty sure the hip pains i've been getting are as a result of my running. The physio gave me some exercises to do and some massage / manipulation which has improved things greatly. The running style change is another step. When i run i land on the outside of my right foot and then my foot rolls in. She has suggested i try and land more on the heel and roll straight through (which is what my left foot does). I'm sure she's right and i've tried it. It feels very strange so it'll take some time to incorporate fully.

    Cheers for advice.
  • Target achieved - 8 miles on my own in 51:57; in a pair of shoes I don't like and can't wait to replace (birthday next week, so...). Pleased about that, but

    This really did involve a lot of stress. For whatever reason (mental state seems most likely; having imposed on myself the need to break this particular mark this time, after failing last week), the HR was way up even while I was warming up, and was into the 170s before I'd even been running 10 minutes. Average HR turned out to be 170 - just about race level!
    I actually paced it fairly well - thru 4 miles in 25:57, and when I started to feel the lead in my legs at 6 miles (38:48), it turns out I actually ran my fastest ½ mile thereafter. Then it really hit me at 7 miles (45:21) - somehow managed to drag myself home.
    In pieces now & God alone knows how I'll manage my long run tomorrow - think I'll have to settle for 8 minute miling - if I actually make it out the door.

    MiL is now in the eye ward & awaiting a CT scan. Everything else seems OK apart from the persistence of the double vision itself. The more malign possible causes of this symptom appear to have been ruled out - but still no nearer to knowing what the real cause is.
    Looks like next week's training may have to be arranged around visiting hours.....

  • Paul - I'm glad you're in good hands.

    are you doing any strength training? as this would certainly help sort out any imbalances, especially for hip problems.

    I will just say that my physio also insisted that I try landing on my heels (I didn't) and it was this that caused me grief. I've since realised that I am a natural forefoot striker and this works much better for me and keeps me injury-free. just make sure you're not straining to do something that feels unnatural for you.

    best of luck.
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