Fabulous, fit and friendly club, Saturday

Ooh, I haven't been first for ages. It's this pesky puppy; I still have to get up at the crack of dawn even if I'm not going for a run, 'cos she needs a walkies.

Benz, I've just been reading ALL.............. of yesterday's thread. You ok girlie?

Robo; sorry you had a tough day.

Off to the church Christmas Fayre! Actually, they're usually quite good fun.

Catch you later.


  • 20 minute jog(2 miles)
    And now--tada---renal Unit here i come
    (eek, thats 10 minute miles, I was jogging)
    Sissie, Im trying to scare myself into stopping drinking by writing it down, in public
    The food and drink thing is typical for me,surprised im not ill more often
    Im as fine as i ever am, ie coping

  • Post your drinking? I wouldn't dare - a parishioner might read this!
  • Sassie & Benz -- hee! You girlies made me laugh :o)

    Morning all! I'm up early today - Mr went to work at 8am and so I decided to get up and get some proper brekkie... you'll be glad to know I'm still not taking the anti-nausea meds and still no nausea or sickness!!! whee!!!! And the big question what did I eat then..? I had bran flakes and a smattering of crunchy nut flakes on top with a chopped banana and choped apple (both organic) and a little bottle of those probiotic drinks (actimel - the orange one). So I'm feeling very virtuous this morning... although have to confess, I was eyeing the other half of the choccie snowball which is still in the fridge, but it's a bit early yet :o)

    Anyway, am off to get some 'exercise' today by braving the crowds in Manchester City Centre - shopping. Don't worry I won't over do things but need to get more Xmas shopping out of the way before radiotherapy starts in 10 days (ish) time.

    later gators
  • Morning all, kept the beer intake down last nightt in perparsation for Jons visit....!
    Off to the station to get him son......
  • morning all, Cath, glad to see you are feeling better after your last couple of days, why dont you try online christmas shopping. Argos was brilliant, nearly did all my shopping on one site. faaantastic.

    Benz, glad to see you are back, was a bit worried about you on Friday !

    sassie enjoy your xmas fayre, we've got a load over the next few weeks.

    barkles, you are a brave man, whys jon coming to visit ?
  • Afternoon all

    Didn't know you guys were around on a Saturday. Now I know I have got the bug. Spent yesterday afternoon-well 40 mins of it- running up and down the same hill in the pouring rain...mad or what. It's all the talk of this hill in Crowborough.

    Benz. Hope you are all right. Can I say that when I met you last weekend I would never have thought of you as fat. I know we all have to be at the place that is comfortable for us but if you didn't put yourself down so much on the weight front I wouldn't have looked twice at your size. We all want this unatainable image and we need to remember from time to time that it IS in fact unatainable for most of the population. we need to have sensible expectations of ourselves and remember that being loved is so much more important...and you're great so learn to like yourself more.

    PS on 10 minute miles we can finish out next 10k together!!!
  • btw that lecture was a conyinuation of yesterdays thread which I've only just had time to read!
  • Hi all! Might risk a gentle run later, the first since I did my back in last Sunday (I must have told you about it!).

    Weird telly last night or what? wall to wall reality tv with Fame Academy, Celebrity BB, Celebrity Fat Club, the Osbournes and Celebrity BB again. Doesnt anyone make proper programmes any more??

    BTW how boring is Celebrity BB??
  • Hi fitties. Must go and read the last 100 posts of yesterday's thread. Logged off to watch CFC and didn't find my way back. Respect to Rik - wish I could lose 11lb by just going without food for a few days (hark at that raptor! I can't even go 5 hours without food unless I'm asleep).

    How boring is Celebrity BB? Boring enough not to watch. The only one of the "celebrities" I'd heard of before yesterday is Anne Diamond.

    I've been a Bad Dinosaur and did not even start to attempt Pixie's beginner gym triathlon challenge. Rolled out of bed late (after sleeping most of 9 hours), threw myself out of the door pausing only to have encounter with toothbrush, put on some clothes, swallow banana and drink of squash, kick Mr V-rap out of bed, and throw milk on cereal for children, and almost turned back and got in the car because it was raining so much. Almost - not quite. I spent most of Bodypump class feeling vaguely wobbly. As well as laying down several pounds of fat in the past few weeks, I seem to have forgotten how to use it for fuel. So, as Tony Ross tells us, The Little Princess Had To Learn. Cajoled myself through 20 mins of stepping and 800m of swimming before replenishing caffeine and baguette levels at gym cafe.

    Benz, you and I are DEFINITELY going for a run before sampling the Black Country booze-holes. Ten-minute miles sounds just right.

    SP, hills in the rain...you're a better gastropod than I shall ever be.

    Currently involved in a domestic power struggle. Mr V-rap wants to go for a long walk with a load of shopping (which, for him, equates to "lounging about in Starbucks") in the middle. I want to take Kevin for a long walk with a load of shopping in the middle. I reckon HE can go out walking any other day of the week while I'm at work. HE disagrees and says I've already been out all morning. Might let Kevin decide who she wants to go walkies with.
  • Hi V-rap. You have a she-dog called kevin?
  • Yeah, Chimpy, there are times when I could call her a she-dog and a lot worse than that.

    She's 11 years old, barks and growls and snarls a lot but hasn't bitten for a long time, prefers meatballs to spaghetti and hates baths. The only difference is that she walks on two legs.

    Caught up with yesterday's group therapy session. I SO identify with Bune's comment that when she's exercising it's quite easy to eat healthily, but when the exercise goes on pause the sugar craving comes back. Happens to me too. Still, better than smoking and probably better than gin (or gin-equivalents for juniper-haters).

    Wait till the kids see the chimp pic. They like to look over my shoulder while I'm online (Tinkerbell can't read and Angelmouse can't make sense of the posts, so that's OK). They recognise a few Forumites already, and are united in their hatred of the scary dinosaur. If only they knew...
  • V-rap. I'm confused now. Is Kevin a dog or a child?? Sincere apologies if its a child!!!! Mind you, from your description, sounds pretty similar to my 11 year old daughter though walking on two legs is interpersed with long peiods of watching Nickelodeon!! (anyone else have a burning hatred of Sabrina tha Teenage Witch?)

    Tried to change my picture last night but couldnt. I'm on the look-out for one off the Celebrations advert where the other toys shoot the toy chimp so if anyone sees it, feel free to e-mail it to me. The only problem of course is that unlike myself, that particular chimp is really annoying!!

  • Who me? V-rap?
  • evening fitties - back from hockey - we won! well it was 0-0 and we had 7 fully fit and healthy players out of a bare 11 (no subs) so it feels like a win! Thigh was ok - a bit stiff but held out - so gymswimjacuzzisauna session worked - except i couldnt get to sleep last night so sleep deprivation - might work.

    been ok on the food front so far - no biscuits for 6 days now and im managing to avoid them when im shopping.

    we got vege chili and jackets after hockey which was a rare treat - veges rarely get catered for - so no need for any t now.

    hope everyone has had a good day - catch you laters
  • hi, back from the hozzie
    Busy day, nad crisps, sarnie and custard tart
    All eaten standing up between seeing patients
    No booze tonite tho
  • hey Benz -how you feeling today - hows work been?
  • hi Ep - good weekend so far?
  • Benz
    Everyone knows that food eaten standing up doesn't have calories.
    Going to watch Donny Osmond now.
    How can Terry say there's nothing on the telly!!!
  • mmm its a big relief - we were really struggling with injuries - 2 hamstrings (and theyre good players) and my thigh , and our best player is out for at least 3 weeks with ligament damage and our coach was ill with a really bad stomach bug so we expected a heavy defeat and we need the points

    btw you probably burned the cheesecake off before you ate it so negative calories! hows your shins - you running or gyming this weekend?
  • tv - daniel deronda(?) donny osmond or celeb BB - glad ive got the internet till footy
  • take it easy with your shins on the tready and stepper Ep - its easy to overdo it by doing too much and too fast and that will wreck your shins- maybe even build up with some slight incline power walking just to get used to the tread mill - you can still get a good cv workout but avoid the impact a bit if youre not used to the tready

    i was using a tready around the time i got shin problems in january so dont be lulled into a false sense of security with it - just take a few sessions to get used to it
  • cross trainer is good - no impact and gives a good upper body workout - will help with running
  • I had a nightmare on a stepping machine this week. For morning P.T. when I was visiting the Royal School of Artillery, some of us were lucky enough to use their well-equipped gym. After my upper body stuff, I wanted some lower body action. Treadmills were all in use (and I hate them anyway) so I selected a stair climber. Put all the metaphorical knobs on 11. This was a bad idea - my quads are still feeling the effect. Fantastic workout though. :)
  • Oh, I love the stepper, it's just that putting every setting to maximum might not, in retrospect, have been the best exercise plan ;)
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