Stoller Wanted

The baby is now six months old and so are the excuses for no mileage!!! So...has anyone out there got a decent quality stroller which is now redundant - seems a shame to buy new if someone is left with a redundant machine!! I will happily collect (Midlands) or pay for delivery, cheers, Bill

PS - Phil Kirk, have you managed to escape the 'child stealer' accusations to date?????


  • Oh....... stRoller!!!
  • thanks sassie - but...what??
  • Bill,
    Keep an eye out on e-Bay. We got a new Chicco 3wd Runner (which is excellent for running with) for only £80.

    This particular model I would recommend. You can adjust the handle height so that you can run comfortably and the wheels are quite large so it smooths out the bumps.

    There's also room for a water bottle, keys, etc, and it even has a bell!
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