Cleaning Running Shoes

Does anyone know if it is advisable to put running shoes in the washing machine. Ive tried in the past with fell shoes but with washing powder. They looked good as new but the toe protector came loose. This may have been because the powder attacked the glue but i really dont know. Any way just got back from a well muddy run and the new Sauconys have been well and truly christened.


  • Jimbo,

    There is a thread on the beginners section about cleaning shoes. I really don't advise the washing machine idea as it can adversely affect the materials used in the shoe and ultimately shorten the shoe's useful life. I tend to wash shoes down with a nail brush and then place them in a natuarlly airy room with newspaper stuffed in them and changed regularly. If you do feel like use the washing machine I would use the coldest possible wash.
  • Run in the rain!!!!!!
  • I thorw mine in a bucket of biotex when i arrive home, then scrub them with a brush to remove mud and put them to dry by the window.
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