Piriformis Syndrome



  • Oh..and I also bought a heat pack and that helps BIG time.
  • Thanks runningnut. Where and when do you use the heat pad? I assume it is applied directly to the affected area. I am now worried about the cycling, I think I am going to get the attentions of a professional and get this sorted. The really annoying thing is that I can still run, unlike previous injuries like calf strain which stopped me in my tracks there and then and the source of injury and cure is much easier to prescribe. I was really naughty today as I took part in my x country league just to keep the points up. I ran quite well considering I was holding back a bit and that I have missed running for 2 weeks. My buttock feels tender and tight tonight so I am going to pay for it!

    Hope things are improving for you runningnut.
  • Hi stockie,
    I bought one of those headpads that you heat up in the microwave and pop into a pouch that has velcro on it. I velcro it on and wear it whenever I am at home. It is so soothing. I always apply it to the injured area in the evening and I find that the next morning the aching has gone. If you can get one I would recommend it 100%.
    I would also advise getting professional advice but make sure it is someone who specializes in sports injuries. As I have said before in this thread although the massages don't come cheap in my opinion it is money well spent. I am sure that my recovery has been hastened by regular massages. I am due another one on Friday !
    For me the pain has gone but I feel stiffness in my buttock afte a run which goes within 24 hours.
    I only started running again a little over a week ago. I am still holding back and taking it gently gradually building up the mileage again: very frustrating as I was running 18-20 miles some week-ends for my marathon training.
    I totally empathize with you as I missed running for the 10 days that I didn't run. I convinced myself that I would never be able to run again !
    Even more frustrating must be the fact that the pain starts after a run and not during it.
    When I first was injured I naively thought that maybe I could sustitute running with using the stairmachine at the gym ....but after a session on the stair machine I was in agony.
    Do you still have the pain when you are driving ?
    Hope that this has been helpful. If it makes you feel any better you are not alone !
  • Hi runningout,
    Thanks for the advice and support. I will have to get a heatpad. The drive to work was fairly painfull this morning. I am contacting a clinic to get an appointment later, apparently sports injuries are of interest to them. I am cancelling my running commitments for the rest of the year as I am determined to start the New Year running. We have some important events from late January so I will aim for these.

    Hope your recovery continues to go well, keep me posted.

  • Hi Keith,

    Injuries are sooo frustrating aren't they ? I think that you are doing the right thing and will be up and running again for the New Year.

    My injury is gradually getting better and I am back to running 7 miles now and hope to be able to increase my mileage sooner rather than later as the marathon that I am running is in Jan 2005. Everytime I go out for a run I am willing my leg/ buttock not to hurt, twinge ot make itself known !

    I am sure that with the heatpad, professional advice and maybe a few massages you will as right as rain...fingers crossed !

    Thanks for your recovery wishes...same goes from me to you ;)


  • Hi all,

    This is my first post on here, thought I'd chip in!

    I kinda self diagnosed myself with piriformis syndrome courtesy of YouTube! The physio confirmed it and explained that the pains I'd been getting in my leg was because of tightness pinching (?) on my sciatic nerve.

    I'm told that the problem stemmed from the fact that I've got weak glutes and didnt use them when I ran. Seems to be a bit of a stock answer if you ask me!

    Anyway. I've found two things which have helped me get back to running.

    Firstly, the pigeon stretch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBGME2tRFp4

    Secondly, this running technique program which I used to successfully get me back into running: http://www.kinetic-revolution.com/sixweekprogram/
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