For all you guys out there....mens all-weather gear

My brother-in-law is a keen runner and my sister would like to buy him some all-weather gear for Christmas.

If expense was no object, what jacket and/or other all-weather accessories would you like to be opening on Christmas morning???

Thanks for your help



  • HI,
    you carnt go wrong with Ronhill kit
  • Sugoi gear is absolutely scrumptious! if you wanna look at the stuff. You can get prices and a very good service from the Jog Shop, Brighten ( Say 'Craig recommended them'. Should get me some brownie points! But seriously, money no object, Sugoi is THE BEST running gear your going to find out there! Brill materials, excellent stitching & premium design. Look at the Stretch Thermal Midzero speedskin, or the Bosoi Vapour Oasis Jacket, for example. Even the tights are awesome!
    Hope I helped Leltitia.
  • Thanks, both of you, for the recommendation. I will follow them up (and give you a name check, Craig :-) )
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