foot problems

I have been running for about six months now and have picked quite a few injurys on my right side, most of them steming from my foot. I seem to run wearing the outside of both shoes down at the front and the inside at the back is the common. I have taken some advice and I think I am an over pronator and bought some asics gel mars this right? I only seem to get the pain in my right foot just back from my little toe all the way back to the center of my heel and mostly the day after I run any advice will be welcome


  • maybe see a podiatrist if you are continually having problems from your feet - or a physio to check it isnt an allignment problem further up in your back or hips - better to get checked out than be struggling with chronic injuries
  • I thought running putting weight on the outside of your foot was Under pronation.
    Can anybody clarify this?
  • That was my impression too Tony.

    The inside at the back seems a little odd too me - I thought even under pronators landed on the outside at the back, but just didn't roll in enough.
  • I may have got it wrong about the over pronation, thanks but yes I seem to run across my foot. The only wear I ever get on my shoes are at the back on the inside and at the front just by my little toe.
  • Yep, under-pronation at the least, maybe even supination!

    Get your gait checked. As I've found out, you need to be running properly if you're going to run seriously.
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