What is the latest ?

It is likely that as my cheque isnt cashed I am not in? Do they return my cheque as I did not bequeath it?


  • Oh well its a start I suppose! hope you are??
  • I thought after a certain number of refusal's I would be guarenteed a place?? so thought it best to start the process now??
  • Nice logic...but one I have used without success yet. Hopefully this year though...
  • My two year old daughter is entering next year...by the time she's 18... ;-)
  • Automatic entry after 5 refusals isn't it ?
    I thought they announced that this year.

    Although a 7 year old would still be disqualified for being under-age !
  • I know there have been quite a few comments re the amount of charity places. However, what I really object to is that FLM is starting to be hijacked by the corporate freebit market, in the same way that other leading sporting events are (rugby, tennis, football etc). A friend has a guaranteed place on the FLM from one of his suppliers, hence avoiding the ballot, paying for a golden bond place etc + has been gloating!
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