Running shops in wales

Anyone know of a decent running shop in Wales? I need to buy a new pair of running shoes and get my gait recovering from shin splints. Cardiff is closest or Swansea.



  • Run and Become, Cardiff
    Skirrid Sports Abergavenny.

    Good luck mate.
  • Thanks Barkles!
  • No worries.
  • i've used run and become, they were fantastic, the lady assisstant looked at the wear on my old trainers, watched me run, asked what sort of running i do mostly, asked my budget (I'm a poor student, so this really helped me out) then she watched me run in about 4 or 5 pairs of trainers. I eventually bought the one she said looked best for me (it felt good, but i haven't been running long so didn't know much) and it was one from the sale, so only cost about 45quid. I was having sore knees before that (hence buying new pair of trainers) and haven't had a problem since, even though i'm quite limited to road and pavement runnning at the moment. If you know cardiff they're down opposite the bus and train station.
  • Or take trick down the M4 to EasyRunner in Bristol - they are FAB in my experience, very VERY helpful and knowledgable.
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