What's happened to map24? The route measuring function seems to have disappeared. Does anyone know any other on line maps that I can use to measure routes?


  • Hi, the measuring feature is still there, located in the toolbar when you call up a map. Regards Rob
  • er, some peeps have a problem with it
    have you got java

    i think you need it

    i havent got a lue what im on about repeating what has been said before
  • As ph says, there may be some tweaks needed to the system.

    I though am one who can't get (or to be strictly correct can't be bothered battling to get) it to work.

    See for a few clues map24
  • If you download the latest version of Java which is available on the the map24 website it works just as it used too.As RC said the measuring tool is in the toolbar.
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