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Hi everyone,
I saw all the discussion on the Fat Club thread about this subject and so thought I'd start up a proper Sports Bra topic! I too have the problem of finding decent sports bras - I've tried loads! My only solution has been to wear two bras (not very comfortable at all..feel like I'm wearing a corset!). My problem is, I'm a 32D-DD and lots of the sports bras have got that padded bit on the straps, so you can't adjust the straps fully - only up to a certain point (does that make sense..?) Does anyone know what I mean?!!! Maybe I've got skinny shoulders or something, but they just don't fit properly. I've tried the Berlei ones, M&S (some ok - but the one's with bones in have made me blister badly..) Has anyone tried one called Enell? Now, it looks like something out of the 18th Century, but I was wondering if anyone had tried it & been happy with it? I saw it in the Less Bounce brochure. I just don't want to 'bounce' - cos once the damage is done ladies - there's no going back is there! Anyway, I'd welcome your comments and/or advice. Thanks.
Michelle x


  • Hiya Michelle

    Was having a problem with rubbing and found that needed a new bra - it worked wonders for me. I bought a SportsJock super sport bra this comes in various sizes and also covers up to a DD - I am a 38C and find that this has no straps to rub and holds me comfortable - now no chance of black eyes whilst running! Its of a crop top style but does support nicely. Is very comfortable too.

  • Hi Mandy,
    Thanks for your advice. Did you buy it from a sports shop or a catalogue? I see they stock it at Less Bounce, but wondered whether you could buy it in the shops. I've found all the sports shops I've been into hardly stock any sports bras at all!!
    Michelle x
  • Hi Michelle,

    I have tried the Enell bra it is very supportive and you won't bounce with it. The only problem with it is it has a very wide band which fits under your bust and I found it did rub a bit. It is expensive.
  • I'd recommend the Sporkjock super sport too - never had a bra like it! It IS stocked in some specialist running shops, but not in all the colours and sizes. I'd order over the net, lessbounce and girlsruntoo both do it...
  • I found the perfect solution to the running bra problem by accident earlier this year. As my weekly mileage crept up above 30, my boobs melted away - I went from 34D to about 32AAAA. The cups of my M&S sports bra then came in very handy as receptacles for keeping my keys, emergency cash, Werthers Originals and spec-wiper during a run, and I'm sure that if I was really determined I'd have been able to fit in a mobile phone and a litre of squash.

    Anyone else noticed that none of the elite female distance runners has anything up top apart from a nipple sticking out from her ribcage on each side?

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • I too wear the Enell one (and it comes in groovy Cadbury's Dairy milk purple too!), it is expensive, and feels a bit tight in a corset kind of way, but it means I don't have to wear 2 bras at once!
    Check out as they're very helpful and have a good selection.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hey V-rap, I'm finding that I've got the amazing shrinking boobs too! I used to complain that they swung all over the place but they seem to be bouncing themselves slimmer. Just wish my stomach would do the same.....
  • It will, Redhead, it will! Be sure and get in some crunches so that when your new tum emerges it is as firm as a well-sprung rebounder rather than a floppy sack through which you can feel all your giblets.

    Any tips for spot-reducing saddlebags? Liposuction is not an option - yeurgh!

    Cheers, V-rap.

  • Hi all

    Sorry to muscle in on a "girlie" thread but my wife promised me that she'd come jogging - if only she could find a decent sports bra. She bought one, but said her normal bra gave her more support. She's 40DD. Anyone got the perfect answer?

  • Dear all,

    Also sorry to break in on a 'girlie' thread but following advice given some months ago on the forum, I got my partner an ennell bra from She is a 34C and found it a little tight but very supportive. Nothing bounces at all. As we both like her breasts where they are, we thought the ivestment bery worthwhile. So much so that I bought her canother the following month!

    Can't recommend it highly enough. I believe that they are specifically made with the 'bigger' bust in mind!!


    Sorry to hear of you 'loss'. It's a shame we can't target where we lose the weight!!

    All the best,

  • Oh I wish we could target weight loss, no more thunder thighs, disappearing boobs, you don't see many high impact sports bras in an "A" cup.
  • Hi all,
    Many thanks to all of you for your words of advice. I've actually ordered the Enell one from - they've got a sale on too at the moment - the proper price should have been £35.99. Think I'm also going to get the Sportjock one too, as a few of you suggested (the bras are gonna cost more than my kit at this rate!!!). I'll let you know how I get on with the Enell regarding 'bouncing' - anything's better than wearing two bras!! Thanks once again.
    Michelle x
  • Hi all,
    As I said, I ordered the Enell bra yesterday and received it this morning - what good service! Anyway, it is a very tight fit! I telephoned Selaine at Less Bounce and explained to her about the fit. She is so helpful and is going to send me another Enell, one size bigger, to see which one I prefer. She said that some customers have two Enells in different sizes - the tighter one for running and the other one for gym work. I've jogged round the house in it to check out the 'bounce' factor and I am very, very impressed. Of course, the real test will be going out for a run and I will let you all know later on how I get on with that. But I can already feel that it is extremely supportive - 100% better than any sports bra I've ever owned! So, 'Fat Bloke' tell your wife that I think the Enell is the bra she's looking for! Thanks to all of you who suggested it!
    Michelle x
  • can I just say I think this forum and this thread is smashing. Please keep up the good work with topics like this.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Why is it that other people's boobs seem to be melting away with training whereas mine just don't?! I'm not huge (32C) but I am a very tiny person so I wouldn't mind them shrinking a bit. My boyfriend thinks they've got a bit smaller but I'm not convinced myself.

    How much mileage were you girls doing per week for this to start happening?
  • Minkin - you're not alone. I've lost 3.5 stone in this last year but not even a mm has come of 'up top' - much as I wish it would.

    Ennell Size 1 is still just as tight a fit as ever...and I do find it chafes under the arms / round the chest quite badly - but the support makes it worth it.
  • Hi all,
    I received my second Enell bra this morning (I'd ordered a bigger one, as I thought the original one I'd ordered was too small).. however, after trying on the bigger one, I realised that the smaller one was a better fit and more suitable for running in! Anyway, I have been out for a 6 mile run this morning (yes in this boiling hot weather!), so the Enell bra has well and truly been put to the test.. and I can say it is excellent! In all this heat, with me sweating like a pig (or should I say glowing...?), it didn't rub at all or feel uncomfortable. It really is the best sports bra I've ever had and I really can recommend it. It feels very strange when you first put it on, as if it is too tight (but it actually says this in the leaflet accompanying the bra), but then after a few minutes, it feels very comfortable and not at all restrictive. 'Less Bounce' the company where I bought it have been so helpful to me, both on the phone and through email - nothing is too much trouble. So, if any of you ladies are still looking for that perfect fit bra for running - I say give the Enell a go!! Happy & Bounce-free... Michelle x
  • Just a quick word on the Enell. Mrs RB said that at first it feels very tight and she almost felt she couldn't get her breath. However, this feeling apparently goes away after a short while. Not sure wheter the material / elastic eases or you just get used to it. It's worth persevering for the support though.

    Feels a bit strange talking so authoratitvely on such a subject but hey it's the new millenium!!!

    All the best,

  • I have ordered an Enell bra on the advice given so am now awaiting delivery to try this bra out.

    I am looking forward to trying this bra as it seems to be a big success with the ladies ...anything to stop the bouncing around !!!!!!!

    Will let you know how I get on

  • Oooooh, I've not tried the Enell one and thought I'd tried every single type going. I can feel an urge to do some purchasing coming on.

    I find that with the SportJock Super Sport, I still wear a Nike crop top with supportive liner too over the top. The SportJock by itself with just a t-shirt over still results in a little too much bouncing for my liking. I'm a 32D by the way.

    I did have a lot of success with one of the styles which M&S do. They do several and most are completely crap for the more well-endowed. The one which I've found really good looks like a harness almost - it's quite an innovative design. Anyway, once on, there is really minimal movement. I can wear just a t-shirt over the top and nothing else.

    It was interesting when I first started running after the wee one was born as I went up to a 34G! Not good. Black eyes? I could black other peoples eyes with those!!!
  • Hi Running Muppet,
    I'm the same size as you (32D/DD) and, as I think I said before in this thread, was actually wearing two sports bras to go running in before..!! But now I've got the Enell, that problem has, thankfully, been solved! It really does minimise the 'bounce' factor.. The sizes are not British and I ordered Size 00 - which does feel really tight when you put it on - but it was excellent to go running in. I've now ordered another one.. well you can't just have one can you.. bit like Maltesers!!
    Michelle x
  • Never heard of the ENELL. Does it come in an E cup. I use a shock absorber and theres no bounce at all but I get blisters on my back. Better than sore nips though. Happy running!
  • I tried a shock absorber and I think I will be scarred for life where the nylon badge rubbed all the skin off my ribs.

    Have now reverted to the £2.50 from a bargain bucket in H&M crop top.

    Do we have any solutions for thigh slap yet?

  • Hi ladies,
    You can order your Enell from website - or ring for a brochure on 0207 960 4747. Selaine Messem - who, I think owns the company, is so friendly and helpful - nothing is too much trouble and she will be able to advise/assist you. Ruth - yes, it comes in all sizes, but the Sizes are not English sizes. You have to measure around the fullest part of your bust (with your bra on) and then underneath your bust (rib-cage) and then work out your Enell size from there.. it's all explained in the brochure. Good luck! By the way, my best friend did the Flora Light 5K with me on Sunday, and she has a large bust too. On my advice, she had bought an Enell & wore it on the day and said that she felt so comfortable running, cos she never had to worry about her boobs bouncing up and down!!
    Michelle x
  • You can also get them at

    Also v. friendly advice and they send a couple of sweeties with the package!!!
  • Was getting ready for a run the other day, and strapping myself into the enell bra...number one son (4 1/2) comes over and says 'mummy that's really lovely that top'.....oh no ! he's only 4 and already interested in tight shiny tops with lots of hooks+ eyes up the front...just like his dad!!
  • That's my boy!!! ;-)

    BTW, if you have an Enell bra and find it a little hard to breathe when running, Mrs RB recommends undoing the bottom two hooks. Seems to work a treat whilst maintaining support.
  • Hi Saz
    Thigh slap Ifind is best controlled by wearing those long running tights. Seems to hold all the bits in. No chapped bits post marathon at least. Bit hot though
    That enell bra sounds kinky!
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