• I hate to spoil it for you Nicko......................................................................

    Paula won! There, now you don't need the tape ;0)
  • Interesting thing in the Times today about what she had just before Athens in her leg. Doesn't sound like much fun having a needle in your leg 4/5 days before the race and all this dried blood coming out... An interesting story that is probably overlooked by the majority of people...
  • Jason - Haven't got a problem with coverage of the Olympics themselves. She had a disaster - full stop. The point that was unacceptable was them then saying she was actually rubbish all along and a quitter. That sort of character assassination is not acceptable because it plainly wasn't true.

    DB2 - sounds like the Times have written an interesting objective article. If so then good on them. Will try and and take a read.

    If was obvious to anybody who a) knows how to run and b) knows anything about Paula - that she had a major problem in Athens. I just wish the media (especially printed) had looked into that.

    Bottom line is 2004 was a bad year for Paula - Olympic failure , no medals, no gongs, no positive mention on Sports personality of the year - that is sport and that is fair. However she is NOT a bad runner nor a bad or damaged character and that is totally unfair.

    Hell I'm on my soapbox again. Well done Paula
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