Split up running partners



  • Thanks Minks, i have e mailed them but have had no reply as yet, so i guess i'll go with the flow

  • Danno, a pedant writes:

    Your first post did mention how you wanted to run together...

    But thanks for the explanation. I guess it really is a pain in the butt if you are travelling to and from together but starting at different times, and it wasn't mentioned before registering.

  • I'm in wave 2 and my wife is in wave 4; I will probably arrive 'late' (!) to be able to start/finish in the same wave; the race is one thing, but there's no point in her waiting around 1 hour before her race starts, and for me to wait 1 hour until she finishes. We only had a 10 min difference in projected times. It's supposed to be promoting 'safety at night' -- but then that's another question: what are the facilities going to be like? They won't have the same amount of space as in Kew/Richmond park...
  • Funnily enough there is about 10 minutes difference between me and Mr PP's predicted times - but we're both in the same wave ... not that I'm complaining mind!!
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    If I see somebody in the wrong wave I'll kick their anatomy.

    Unless she is a grogeous blonde. In that case I'll do a Waaps and will kiss her lower back.

  • i'm not a gorgeous blonde, but the only part of my anatomy you will see is going to be my butt, cos you gonna be way behind me!!
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