words of encouragement!!!

My girlfriend is finally going to crack!!! she is actually contemplating on starting plodding, she's been putting up with me going out jogging since May, and now finally after seeing what iv'e being showing her on this forum, comments and interesting stories etc, she has realised that there are loads of joggers and plodders out there, at all levels and now she's tempted. Iv'e promised her if she lets me coach her i'll shift that extra stone she wants to shed before Christmas any words of encouragement for her would be greatly appriciated, thanks in advance


  • Good luck MA's girlfriend. Enjoy the plodding!
  • Just go for it - when you start make small goals and soon you'll find you'll be hooked like the rest of us!

    ref the weight loss if you've got such a supportive boyf like Matthew you'll knock that in no time!
  • Do enjoy the plodding, but a small note of caution.- Many people don't instantly start loosing weight as soon as they start running.- And it's important that you don't encourage here to do more miles than she's ready for just to reach this goal...

    On a more up-beat note.- Most people seem to very quickly see changes in body shape.- So, although the scales may not say she's lost weight, the mirror will probably say differently.

    Another trap people tend to fall into when they're running to lose weight is to double count the calories they burn from running.-
    IE:- Having the extra little treat/upping the food because you're running.- This will very quickly offset the gains you make.-
    Very roughly, each mile represents about 100 calories- which isn't actually that much...(about 1 glass of wine)

    Perhaps you can encourage her to enter a 5 or 10k in the new year to help with motivation?
  • Thanks guy's i'll see how she gets on with once round the footy pitch, or 10 mins. I won't push her too hard, but don't worry she won't let me either ;0)
  • good luck both of you its more fun than on your own. as for weight loss, there is a certain point at which your body runs out of fuel for running and starts burning fat this used to be aprox 35-40 mins of running, i guess it depends on your body type and make up. i read it somewhere cant remeber now. ive been back running for 4 weeks nearly up to 30 mins feel good but havent lost an ounce yet
  • My first contribution here, but I'd like to share my weightloss/running experience. I've worked for BBC Sport on the last seven GNR's. Every year I come away threatening to run the race the following year, but always return to South Shields about a stone heavier, a year unfitter and with even less intention of ever plodding 13 miles.
    Anyway, this year is different. The day after the GNR, I completely changed my diet. Stopped snacking on the kids' stuff, cut out crisps, chips, cakes, chocolates etc. I eat loads of pasta, baked potatoes, salads, chicken, fish, roasted vegetables, fruit etc etc. Breakfast is porridge oats with a banana and a dollop of honey.
    And then I hit the gym. I'd never run before in my life. Bit of football many years ago, but no regular exercise of any sort for at least 15 years! I managed about four minutes first time, then six, then a difficult ten - I can now do thirty mins without too much difficulty, in which I cover about three miles.
    The result? I've lost almost one-and-a-half stones, feel better, look better (I'm told) and the belts are all in a notch or two.
    I plan to get in a couple of shorter races in the New Year, but hopefully I'm well on course for the GNR 2005. The bottom line is that with a sensible diet, running WILL make the weight go. I'm no saint if it's a meal out or a special occasion - I turned 40 last week and certainly wasn't going to abstain from anything that day!! But stick with it and your gf will notice the difference. I haven't felt this good for many, many years.
  • Well done tvtyke! Keep at it.
  • Hi everyone

    Good luck to your girlfriend MA, I am in to my second week of walk /run and am really enjoying it. I also have a stone to loose. i go to weight watchers too and this week after a whole week of eating properly i have only managed to loose half a pound!! But not to worry i will keep at it and hopefully it will go. I'm in no rush and just want to enjoy the health benefits. I am assured there are going to be some!! I also find motivation from reading running related articles and this forum
    Go for it.
  • Deffo more fun with another person, but don't go all competitive boyfriend on her (not that you would Im sure)
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