Why bequeath?

This was my first application and as I did not bequeath and my cheque has not been cashed I am assuming I do not have a place. Being new to it all I found the bequeathing process odd. What quite franky is the point? (Other than a charitable donation or the Chance of Ballot place) The last thing I want to do next April is to be sat at home on the sofa watching the FLM wearing a Fleece with FLM2003 on the front. I would rather make a donation of 25 quids to someone running than to join the "didn't race- got the t shirt"

Bitter maybe but I have thrown myself into my running after the death of my daughter and wanted desperatly to run in her memory this year.




  • Paul-I can understand where you are coming from but you could still run im memory of your daughter. Either by entering through another means, maybe a charity. Or running a different marathon altogether. Paris is on round about the same time as London and a few others. I know it may not be what you wanted but at least you will still be able to RUN!
    Good luck in your quest!!
  • So sorry mate.. its a lottery. quite simply. Why not go for a gold bond place and do what you need to do... I'm running for Asthma and am already focussed on the big day.

    Genuinely hope you get a place, and I'll meet you before the start.....

    Good luck.
  • In other years (and I think this year but I'm not certain) there has been an additional lottery for a small number of places for people who bequethed but were unsuccessful in the main lottery - I know someone who got their place through that a few years ago.
  • I think there is a holiday given away as well. And £27 for a fleece ain't bad these days !
  • I'm with Sass in that if I didn't get in I'd rather give them money to another runners charity as an incentive for them to achieve their goal! Sass Connemarathon in March with the mad Dublin Magnificent 8 if you don't get into FLM. All welcome!
  • There is a further 1000 places for those that bequeath. And a fleece. Last year it was a only t-shirt I think, so I didn't bother bequeathing but got in anyway. If you are just sitting watching it on telly, you at least see where your money is going, when the winner starts pushing that wheelbarrow away from the finish.
  • Tee hee hee, very funny!
  • The only time I got in through the ballot was when I didnt bequeath read into that what you like.
  • I think there is quite a lot to be read into supervets experience.

    Although it could be considered not quite entering into the spirit of things as well as being controversial - i'll say it anyway.

    I reckon that bequeathing your money negatively affects your chances of getting in. They get your money anyway, so if the idea is to maximise charity donations which has to be an aim (not necessarily the only one) then it is better that they take in all the bequeathed money first before selling as many golden bond places as possible. Once this is done allocate whats left to non bequeathed applications!

    I would love to see the percentage figures of entrants split into bequeathed and non - bequeathed. The problem is that its all covered up and surrounded in mystery. I don't know about anyone else but i really don't like that sort of thing, we are not talking about small amounts of money here neither.

  • I'm getting heartily sick of your attitude, Oracle.

    Now you're saying that anyone who has bequeathed their entry fee has been fleeced?

    Oh right, so I'm a mug, am I? Is that what you're saying? OK, I tried to enter, I may be unsuccessful, so I'm happy for the money to go to charity. I've already written off the money, so what does it matter to me?

    Because I'm happy to give money to charity, I'm a fool? I'm being fleeced? Words fail me, but I guess you're one of those people who don't "believe" in charities, right? Why don't you just go away and leave those of us who are happy to do this in peace instead of making unwelcome, cynical comments like this?
  • Take a chill pill Mr A everyone has a right to their own opinion.

    I personally think that it is very good of you to bequeath your entry fee.

    I have on occasion had cause to question FLM's motives.
  • SS, I agree, why have all this negative speculation. FLM should be open about how many bequeathed entrants they had and publish the percentage figures you mention.

    I'm sure most people are happy to donate their money to charity if it means they have a slightly better, or at least even chance of entry, but if people start to be believe that this could negatively affect their entry then I'm sure these charity donations will reduce in the future.

    I find it difficult to believe that the FLM would be so underhand, but if they were to publish the figures this would end all speculation.

    Maybe RunnerWorld could make this request and publish the findings?
  • NickB, i agree with you - you would have thought that they would be compelled to provide info like this to avoid even the the suspect of criticism.

    We are after all talking about a multi-million pound Company.

  • Sorry Wolfy, I think it's a personal thing about Oracle, because he's been banging on and on about this for ages, even though he keeps promising to stop. Added to which, the fact that he seems to come on this forum purely to complain and to criticise, without ever seeming to offer anything positive, really gets to me.

    But you're right, everyone is entitled to their opinion - but it's how you express that opinion that's important.

    I have to admit though, that if I had genuine reason to think that bequeathing my fee reduced my chances of entry through the ballot, I would think twice about doing it.
  • No probs Mr A. I think it would be a pretty sad world to live in if we were all so sceptical that we didn't give to charity, as there are so many good causes out there that need our money.

    Your heart is in the right place which is all that matters.

    Fingers crossed that you have got in!
  • Oracle some interesting points but I have to say that from a runner's point of view....we just want to run the damn thing!!!

    I think one has to 'gloss over' the issues around the ballot if one seriously wants to run FLM because there ain't no other way of getting in lets face it!

    Until there is an alternative race in the UK which has all of the fantastic components that FLM has to offer the majority of people simply have to grin and bear it. It's quite amazing to read the tension on the other threads of people waiting to hear...how powerful running has become!

    Let's face it guys it's only a race.
  • Oracle - Youre right it's not a perfect system.

    Here's another thing to consider. The implication is that they can only get away with it because of the fact that it is "all in the name of charity."

    Again, youre right maybe it is the only way that they can get away with treating a "customer" so badly.

    That said, it is also their trump card people hold the whole event in such esteem and it generates emotions that move thousands to tears. Without the charity "wrapper" it wouldnt be half the event - you wouldnt get the crowds and emotion that makes it. You wouldnt get the heart wrenching stories that we hear each year.

    Imagine the Tesco's Direct (all for profit) Marathon with some big fat cat saying come on guys give me your money.

  • Actually Oracle, when you put it the way you did on page 2 (comparisons with Tesco Direct posting), I find myself having to admit that you have a perfectly valid point, which I do, to some extent, agree with. I think where we disagree is in the principle of what the FLM stands for.

    And on that, I think we have to agree to disagree.

  • SS I had similar thoughts after my last post. You are quite right that FLM wouldn't be held in anywhere near as much regard as it is if charity was the main focus of the event.

    As long as people/animals etc. all over the world do benefit then who are we to complain eh?

    We can run/we can raise money/we can do another marathon if we don't get in FLM, what choices have the underprivileged?

    Also not agreeing on everything is ok from time to time!
  • Hey Wolfy,

    I like you, i like you a lot. I'm not used to people agreeing with me - sure youre not my mother? Just looked at the picture but its unconclusive.
  • SS: what a good looking mother you must have eh?
  • Still wondering if Mr A is my mother?????
  • Again the picture is inconclusive!
  • Well i had to get my looks from someone - i don't tend to adopt the same posture angle as you though.

    I'm sure you will understand that its not that i cant upload a picture - just that i don't want everyone else to feel a bit inadequate!!

    Just had a thought that maybe it was the Mr A picture i checked by mistake?
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