Anyone have any fool proof ways of avoiding blisters?? ( apart from sitting in an armchair watching the marathon not taking part)


  • I was just thinking about posting something about blisters myself.

    I started training again about 2 years ago and running competitively about 12 months ago. I try to train about 5-6 times a week and find the main problem I struggle with is sore feet and blisters (especially on the arch of my foot). I train really hard to then find that it is my sore feet which hinder my race.

    I've tried wearing running socks but find these make my feet too hot and even more prone to blisters.

    This is something I really need to address as it becomes a real hindrance as soon as I race 5k or over..

    (My other problem is that my feet are constantly sore as my feet never have time to recover between training sessions)
  • I read somewhere that soaking your feet in surgical spirit helps. Also mention of certain plasters may also ease the pain. I have unwisely put my name down to do the Paris and London marathons next year which are a week apart. Any further help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I read somwhere that wearing those double layer socks aren't the best thing for distance races and i can vouch for that.Waste of money in my opinion.
  • I put plasters on before I run and then cotton wool patches in my socks and then thick Thorlo running socks the ones with grey heals and toes - I get mega blisters on the balls of my feet, mostly caused because I wear orthotics which are pretty hard.
  • Will certainly investigate the thorlo option.. Thanks
  • Smile and get used to it is what i do! Burst the clear ones, then wear compeed. Blister moves as the days go on and then eventually they are alright and then i get new runners and i start all over again! The large compeeds are the best on the arches and then small ones for the toes. I buy so many of them i am sure that i am putting their kids through college at this stage!
  • Compeed are indeed a wonderous invention and I tend to use these on my heels once I have blisters.

    I've recently started trying to prevent them instead - makes sense - and use zinc oxide tape, which you should be able to buy from a chemist (or a climbing shop - I use it on my hands for climbing.) You can get in lots of different widths, so should be able to cover any area of your foot with the stuff. Once on, cover it with vasaline and then stick on your sock(s) - should help prevent some of the rub.

    Micropore can work just as well.
  • i will try all of the above and let you know how i get on. your help has ben invaluable
  • Please do let me know Andy, I'm still in the trial and error stages myself :O)
  • will do.. On the basis i've been roped into running the Paris and London marathons next year i'd better start my research pretty soon.
  • I've got a two week TA camp coming up. Since my boots are crap, I'll be able to let you know if I have any epiphanies.
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