Cheap New Balance 854's

fat facefat face ✭✭✭
I was up in the Lakes District (again) at the weekend and I popped into the NB outlet in Shap. The NB854's are nowing selling at £35 and they actually had my size (8.2/2E) so I bought 2 pairs. Thats a BOGOF offer!!!


  • Don't suppose they do mail order do they ?
    Prob still worthwhile driving up if they had my size though.
  • Yes they do mail order but at £5 a pair.
    Tel 01931716333 for the one in Shap, they will be able to give you the phone numbers for the other 2 shops (and it is worth trying the other shops).

    Thanks FF !
  • Bought a pair of these at Sweatshop ten days ago - £70, am I gutted? Best shoes I've ever had!
  • Sorry!!

    But even they would have knocked 10% off if you quoted URWFRC.
  • Cheers FF !

    Two pairs of 9.5 2E on the way to my house as well !

    Oh rats - I don't need to buy any new trainers for a year now !!

    Bargain price though. I love New Balance !
  • Glad to be of assistance.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Can I get an idea of what sort of running shoe they are? I've been using motion control for the last couple of years with no major side effects. £40 sounds good enough if they're suitable
  • Good point about NB is that they do different widths. I'm not very tecchy about my feet, (I think I'm fairly neutral ?)
    I was running with Mizuno wavey-things which were nice, but too narrow and gave me real pain in the bones down the outside of the feet.
    Got measured at the FLM expo for NB and haven't looked back. Very comfy - no blisters or problems at all.
  • Yippee pair of 12.5 width D winging their way to me as we speak - cheers FF!!!

    P.S. other phone numbers are 01900602850 & 01768774631
  • Since swapping to NB 730's I've had some very comfortable runs, now I no longer have to worry about shin splints or itb strain just concerntrate on running !
  • Gavo, the 854 are a stability (i.e. motion control) shoe, they've got both a medial post and the graphite rollbar for motion control and heel and forefoot abzorb for cushioning.

    Hope this helps.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Cheers slowboy - I suppose £40 isn't too much of a risk (could always wear them to the gym if they don't work).
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