Bad Knees

I am training for the FLM and i am getting sore knee caps, also on the inside of my knees i have got a large lump of muscle (i think) sticking out. I have been to the doctors and he seems to think its a "Bakers Sist". Has anyone either had one of these or can you advise me what to do. I am running about 6 - 8 miles a day at the moment.


  • Found this info

    Bakers Cyst

    In the hollow bit at the back of the knee is a bursa (a small sack of fluid used to help lubricate the joint). A fairly uncommon condition is when the back of the joint gets swollen and causes the bursa to swell also. Usually some disorder of the knee causes the synovial (lubricating) fluid within the knee joint to increase. This then spills into the bursa at the back of the knee causing it to increase in size

    Any damage within the knee joint may cause swelling and therefore a Baker's Cyst.

    What can the athlete do?

    Rest. The symptoms may disappear by themselves. In children the condition may suddenly clear up. Children undergoing surgery stand a 40% chance of the Cyst returning.
    Have a full knee examination to identify the cause of the swelling.
    See a sports injury specialist or doctor.

    What can a sports injury specialist or doctor do?

    Find out what causes the swelling in the first place and treat it.
    This could be a cartilage meniscus tear, Osteoarthritis or injury to the kneecap.
    Operate to correct the above or remove the bursa. You should be out of action for 8 to 12 weeks following surgery
  • So the BS could be a result of your knee problem
  • Wow. Thanks mate i'm impressed that some has even heard of it let alone knows so much about it. I'll go and see a specialist.
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