Sore Shins

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had this pain in my shin, just above my ankle up to just below my knee. It seems to be coming from the outside edge of my calves (left leg only). Very painful when I get up in the morning and after a hard run. It seems worse when I move my foot up and down & I have a slight swelling of the area above my ankle.

Any ideas what this could be? I had a couple of days rest & it seemed to go away but as soon as I start running again it comes back. Hope it’s nothing serious as I’m training for the Connemara ultra marathon in March.

Any help with this would be great as I don’t want to bother my doctor with a sports injury.


  • Go to your doctor, they will probably be in awe of you for training for such an event and will not consider it as being bothered at all.

    I had a similar pain on the inside of my right shin, I put off going to the doctor for two weeks and when I eventually saw him, I was congratulated on being so active and told that I had really severe shin splints and was using the wrong running shoes.

    Never be afraid of seeing your doctor if you have a sports injury, even is you think it's minor.

  • Thanks for the answer Peter, how long does it take to recover from shin splints? I've been having a look around on the net and I think thats what it is, I've done two marathons in the past month which could have been the couse , on top of the 100 miles per week in training.
  • Glideman it can take weeks/months to get over. If you have been doing that sort of mileage I reckon it will take you a while but I'm no expert. Ice is supposed to relieve the swelling/pain
  • My docs advice for shin splints was to take ibuprofen to reduce the swelling (after exercise, NEVER before) and to rest but remain active. I thought this was a contradiction in terms, but he meant keep the kegs moving by walking, but don't just sit and do no exercise. I found it a great help to visit a sports injury clinic for a checkup and sports massage.

    It took me 4 weeks after the great north run before I could even contemplate running again - even then, I had to start from scratch again and am now gradually building up my distance.

    I hope you manage the ultra - I just wish that I could compete in one - maybe one day soon!
  • Cross training such as cycling, cross trainer etc is ok to keep fitness up
  • It's really hard not to go for a run but I'm going to give it a week then try some gentle exercise. I go to the gym every day, hope I can start my training again soon. Thanks for the advice about the ibuprofen after runing and not before, I did take some before my last race, wonder why it's not recomended?
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