Runners World : Can anyone clear up this cheque situation?.

Can anyone at Runners World clear up the mystery of the uncashed cheques. Put us all out of our misery one way or another, surely someone from RW can contact London Marathon HQ and find out if all the lucky people have had their cheques cashed. It would put alot of minds at rest including mine.



  • Hi Andy, haven't herd from you for a bit, do I take it you have entered for the FLM?

    I'm hoping for a club place at the moment, as it would be pushing credibility to get in on the lottery 2 years running.
  • From having worked with FLM on previous years....
    The only certainity at this stage (a part from good for age, elite and golden bond) is that the entrants who didn't bequeth the chq and have been cashed are in.
    No body else is anyone the wiser, and the magazine with accept / no go are not sent until the first week of dec, and up to 12th dec as a deadline for accepted. The no-goers could be up to a week/10 days later.
    Then there is the 1000 'lucky dip' who could find out anytime around these dates
  • Hi Jenks

    Yes i have entered FLM, but the last time i checked my statement no cheque had been cashed. So i'll be hoping for a club place too.

    How are you anyway?, is your running going ok?

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