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Folks, I had a test the other night at my health club. It was a scanner, made by a co. called Pharmanex, that measured you carotenoid antioxidant levels - not quite sure what they are though! I got a really good Skin Carotenoid Score (apparently) of 55,000, which was pleasing as I do eat lots of fruit and veg and take supplements. Anyone else ever done this and or know anything more about the subject? LL


  • Hi Lindy, I also had this done and got a score of over 50,000 (can't remember exactly). It very useful to be able to find out how high your antioxidant levels are, as it can indicate how well your body is able to deal with the "baddies" like free radicals which can damage normal cells. When you do a lot of sport, you levels of free radicals increase but so do your level of antioxidants to compensate...
  • Sounds really interesting - it is true that high intensity exercise will increase the free radicals in your body. Do you know what is a satisfactory/good/disastrous score on this test? I always wonder whether I should take a supplement (ACD, garlic oil etc) to increase my antioxidant level.
  • Frisky - 10k - 20k was the lowest on the scale. Then there were two other 'levels', 20k - 30k, and 30k - 40k. Anything over 40k was the highest level.

    Parrotmad, that is good then. Do you supplement your diet with pills etc, or do you get yours all from food? LL
  • Did the people operating the machine explain much else to you? I'm a bit sceptical as to what exactly these scanners are suppose to tell you. There is no scientifically determined levels of what is good or bad, and they are one of the few nutrients that most people are not lacking in.
  • Unfortunately it was all a bit hurried, and I didn’t have time to stay for much of the post-scan chat. I have no doubt that I would have been asked to think about buying their products – a number of vitamin/supplement packs on offer – although they would have had to try harder with me as I had a high score! I assume they would have gone into the science of it too.
  • Hi I am interested in this, I agree it's not great having a random person carrying out the test, and then not be able to use evidence to back up the mechanisms.  And if they are selling products too that doesn't sound convincing, did you have to pay for the test?  was it expensive?

    Oops just realised it's a really old thread....any comments welcome though as I am looking to get mine checked and want to know how much it costs.


  • do people really fall for this nonsene???

    if you look at the science behind this then it's flawed - big time.

    the scanner works - no doubt about that - but all it does is tell you what the concentration of your skin carotenoids are.  carotenoids (beta-carotene and lycopene mainly) are only part of the antioxidant equation and to do any good - IF they do any good and the jury is very much out on that - they need to be intracellular or in the bloodstream, not the skin.   they may help prevent some skin damage in the skin but they are not going to help elsewhere.

    and at the end of the day, the company promoting this scanner only wants to sell you supplements so that your skin levels are fine.  and in 1997 the parent company, Nu-skin, were fined by the FTC in the US for misleading claims on supplements they sold.

    it's complete and utter pseudo-scientific bollocks - don't waste your money

  • am I to assume that fat buddha has a scientific background?  the company is a $3.4billion leader in anti-aging and nutrition.  Fact.  They only ever claim that their scanner measures skin carotenoid levels but perhaps you missed this report by Reuters.

    Research Presented at 15th International Symposium on Carotenoids PROVO, Utah, Aug. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Scientists from Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: NUS), presented results and consistency of findings from two large studies at the 15th International Symposium on Carotenoids in Okinawa, Japan. The research concludes that skin carotenoid levels measured with the Pharmanex(R) BioPhotonic Scanner correlate with, and are a good indication of, the body's overall antioxidant defense system. Carotenoids are pigments that are primarily found in fruits and vegetables and have been the focus of intense research to determine their importance in human health.

    The point I want to make is that it isn't science, if it can't be measured. Hope this helps add some genuine perspective.

  • Yes you are to assume that.

    And one study that indicates some kind of correlation ? Hardly convincing.

    Sounds like snake oil to me.
  • blogvoice - as it happens, yes I am a scientist - biochemist in fact and my degree research thesis was on carotenoids, so I think I can speak with some authority on the subject

    and that "report" by Reuters - it's a press release from 2008.  a Press Release carries no scientific authority. and where's the links to the peer reviewed data???  oh - there isn't any??  quelle surprise....

    frankly I couldn't give a flying fuck if NuSkin is a $3.4billion company - or that you have an association with them "About me: Extensive background in marketing (health, beauty, nutrition) working independently with Pharmanex - Nu Skin." (from your RW profile).  as I said before, Nu-skin are using classic tactics (pseudo-science) to promote their nutrition products - that's all it comes down to.

    the simple fact is that the health, beauty and nutrition industry is not exactly renowned for it's scientific rigour and sadly is poorly controlled - think of all the guff that cosmetic companies spout about serums, anti-aging compounds etc - it's complete and utter rubbish with no scientific baseline

    I guess you could say, you won't be getting any money from me for a scan....image

  • You have a lovely turn of phrase and why you have to respond with profanity is beyond me.  I am simply pointing out facts.  I agree with you about the difference between marketing hype and scientific fact and I agree that the industry on the whole is not controlled.  So I am not sure what you actually know about the scientific credentials of this company or their research.  If you had done you would have seen that product is manufactured to much higher standards.

    As I scientist you will (should question your peer's papers or research methods but to say they have no scientific baseline, makes you look like a bit of an idiot - if you don't mind me saying.  You come across as being very bombastic and cynical. 

    Experience has taught me that people will believe what they want to believe and yet you are saying you know more than these guys and that their reputation counts for nothing.  Fellow scientists.  You do surprise me.

    As I say you believe what you want to believe and maybe I know more about the science behind this company than you do.  And, no I don't care if you call yourself a scientist.  And a rude one at that.  


  • Is this the same Nuskin currently being investigated by various regulators?

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Blogvoice, how did you manage to stumble on this 10 year old thread?

    It seems odd that your first 2 posts have appeared on this subject. Do you have any connection with the product?
  • Millsy- taken from Mr Blogvoice's profile:

    About me: Extensive background in marketing (health, beauty, nutrition) working independently with Pharmanex - Nu Skin. Former General Manager of two large International beauty companies. Manchester United supporter - recently taken up Golf
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Cheers Ferret, I still wonder how he found the thread. Is he sat at his PC constantly googling his own products?
  • Man U fan......nuff said.

  • I really have no time to keep responding to this thread.  I thought this forum was for rational thinkers.  I have merely pointed out to fat buddha that he is both rude and doesn't have his facts. I don't need to Google my products I know them well enough.  It is far easier for me to find the relevant links to where people can find factual information about the scientific research behind this company.  Something that fat buddha had tried to discredit.

    Clearly I know more about this company and what is happening around the world than anyone on this thread.  

    Incidentally, I don't work for Nu Skin - I choose to work with them - for good reason. And I have not tried to hide the fact.  

    However, I do ike the remark from Pudge though.  Perhaps a Liverpool fan image

  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    How's your running going? What's your spring A race?

    Seeing as it is a running forum.
  • Was money the reason ? Golf club memberships and Man U tickets don't come cheap !image
  • blogvoice wrote (see)

    Incidentally, I don't work for Nu Skin - I choose to work with them - for good reason. And I have not tried to hide the fact.  


    I really can't take you seriously after having looked here: 

    I'm sure you're a very nice chap, but you're a salesman, not a scientist.

  • Pudge -Thanks for you voice.   I don't pretend to be a scientist - where have I claimed to be a scientists.  What you see is what you get.  the word BUT .. as if you look down on my marketing and sales background.  My background is in sales and marketing - no less valuable than a scientist.  In previous positions I have had to discuss science with scientists in order to find a marketing for their existence.  

    I am flattered that you are doing your research on me.  Pity the guy who claimed to be a scientist (I don't believe he is incidentally) doesn't demonstrate the analytical and open skills that a scientist needs to possess if he is to be a good one.

    If there is any serious discussion to be had with valid input from all sides then I really don't feel there is any point in me wasting my time in this thread.  I enjoy banter and have strong opinions but I have more important stuff to do.  

    Have a great day, guys. 


  • blogvoice

    thank you for your kind comments - how I chose to respond to your comments is my choice.  if I swear that's my choice. how you interpret that is your choice.  if I chose to use "flying fuck" in a repy I will do so.  I could have said a lot worse.  I really really could have but I decided to be polite.   (by the way - do you live in the 19th Century??)  

    now - are you a scientist or a snake oil salesman??  well, it would appear from your webpage that my esteemed friend Pudge has posted above, that you are indeed a snake oil salesman.  being a marketeer is good in my eyes - being a marketeer in the beauty and wellness industry is not.   your industry has a reputation for selling products based on faux-science.

    whether you work for or with Nu-skin matters not - you are promoting a product that is probably less than useless, but the problem is that the unknowing public will go "wow - a carotenoid screener! that must be good for me!!" and sadly part with their money for some more nutrition products that frankly a good diet will supply.

    and if Nu-skin have scientists working for them then I feel sorry for them - they must be down on their luck of that's the best jobs they can find. I would have thought working in cancer research or similar might have been a better use of their skills.

    hey ho - carry on living and working in your industry if that's what you choose to do. as I said before, you won't be getting any of my money (or I suspect many of my fellow runners on here)


  • it was those who were good on marketing that carried on persuading people to smoke  for years after they knew that it was dangerous for people......


    .but no doubt it paid well so they could sleep in their nice big houses knowing that they were helping to kill millions around the world

  • djwolfdjwolf ✭✭✭

    Well said FBimage

  • btw blogvoice - I took a look at the link you gave about scientists at Nu-skin

    that link was to the Nu-skin Anti-Aging Scientific Advisory Board

    now, in my experience, SAB members are NOT employees of the company but paid consultants who provide input on "scientific affairs".  what the SAB details don't provide is how much these people are paid, what they are paid for, or how often their advice is called upon.   having an impressive SAB is meaningless unless people know what they do.

    and frankly, it's not unknown for many scientists with impressive academic credentials to take the "dirty shilling" from companies as this relationship can be as tenuous as they like - it's income for them, it's a marketing tool for the company.  "look at us - what an impressive list of scientists we have on our SAB!"  yeh - but what do they actually do???

    I know many companies who have impressive SABs - but these companies are producing real science products for scientists to use in science research.   their advice is very important to small developing companies.  in fact, one of my clients has 2 Nobel prize winners on it's 5 man advisory board - I don't know of a better one than that.  but as they are developing very specialist technology for genomic sequencing, they have a need for such advice.

    and leading on to answer your doubt - I am a scientist.  I work with many scientific companies on a daily basis, many global, many small and growing.  I think I have a good grasp of modern science as a result.  

  • My background is in sales and marketing - no less valuable than a scientist.



  • 2wheels-good wrote (see)

    My background is in sales and marketing - no less valuable than a scientist.



    Ah, but:

    Do you know all that there is to know about "leveraged income"?

    Have you been able to "help thousands of business owners to develop a more focussed approach to generating new and higher levels of income"?

    Do you "scrub up well and have a good sense of humour"?

    Come across as a Gareth Cheeseman, failed business-owner type?

    If not, then you are not in the same league as our Cleggy.

  • 2wheels-good wrote (see)

    My background is in sales and marketing - no less valuable than a scientist.



    I manage to combine the two.....image  


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