Lower knee/shin pain

Last Saturday I ran my furthest distance to date, 10 miles and around the 9 mile mark I expereinced some pain in left knee. The pain is actually at the top of the shin where it meets the bottom of the knee at the front of my leg and only hurts when I run on it. It feels as though the problem could lie in the joint between the shin bone and the knee. It was swollen for a few days but that has gone now but the pain is still there if I try to run on it for only a few meteres.

Meant to be doing the Brighton 10k next Sunday.

Any ideas what this is or what to do? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Don't do the Brighton 10K!

    I wonder if you're leading me a bit astray with the shin references - is the pain in the patella tendon - the tendon between the kneecap and the tibia (the shinbone), or maybe at the attachment point of that tendon to either bone?

    Repeat - don't do the Brighton 10K. Protect it as much as you can, and ice regularly. Go and see a sports physio as soon as poss.
  • Just to underline that - if you can't run a few metres without pain, there's no way you should try running as soon as Sunday, irrespective of where the pain is. Sorry!
  • Ok.
    I think its the tendon itself as the bones don't huirt at all.
    Thanks for the advice. Will see a physio next week. Do you think I will be ok for the London Marathon as that is my goal?

  • As the entry in the Injuries A-Z bit on the grey Health tab says, if it's patellar tendinitis, it's likely to be months rather than weeks. And pretty much anything rather than rest and some stretching will delay the return.

    Anyway, going to see a physio is a very good plan.
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