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  • Wow just been looking at the links. I must admit I've seen stuff on slant boards a while ago but now I seem to fit into the chronic category so it may just be for me. How effective was it for you Alexandra? How long before you saw improvement?

    Other PT sufferers- sure I'm not fit yet but here are some things that I've tried along the way...

    I can recomend Treat Your Own Knees book - I saw a def improvement quite quickly. A good place to start to understand the injury and basic fixes.

    Now trying Myrtle Plan as recommended on another thread to improve hip flexors - figured can't do any harm. to buy a slant board now!!

  • Hi everyone. Hope you had a nice Xmas. I am looking for advise, I do have patella tendinitis and I have a operation planned for the 06.01.2012 and I am thinking, is the operation the best way for ward. Now I really do love my running and I have not run for a year now because of my injury and I am worried about this operation, will my knee recover fully after the operation. Help please.
  • Patella tendonitis! Pain right?

    Have a break from running for a week! Still train on the cross trainer,cyle.just no running.

    What happens is Your quadricep muscle that controls the movement in your knee, is being over used and straining the tendon that goes from your patella and joins on to your tibia, when the quadriceps are over used this put a lot of stress on the tibia. And is effectively pulling your tendo away from you tibia causing pain.

    Ice treatment is a good way to control the pain, and anti inflammatory tablets.

    ( keen runner, med student )
  • hi just wondering what the systoms are for patella tendonitis ? because im joining the army in two months and have a very weak knee seems like its just under the knee cap and at the top of the shin bone , had an MRI scan done and my knee come back 100 per cent fine. I dont have pain when i run just get a weak knee after running and sum times a burning sensation is this PT ? 

  • hi everyone, here is my experience: im 31 years old, 10 months ago I started feeling discomfort under the kneecap while running, afterwards I started using a strap and the pain was the same. One day I didnt use the strap an ran for 6 miles and the injury got really really bad so I coudnt run anymore (I didnt realize the extent of the injury while running because of the heat in muscles you produce during exercise)  rested for a month and the went on to climb two large volcanoes in mexico and had some pain on the descent. I decided to rest for a while since the knee hurt while walking, bending, stairs etc. Havent been to the doc but the location of the pain right at the bottom of the kneecap where the tendon attaches to it has me convinced it is a PT. x rays shows no damage to bone. After resting for 4 months it felt better so I went running 3 miles and reinjured it again immediately. I have been resting 3 months from then and its improving but when i press with my finger the injury is small but it is there. I only stretch and massage lightly, and hopeffuly will start running really short and slow on the next few months.... any suggestions??

  • Love this blog, thanks. I have learnt so much.
    I bought a slant board from Physiofoam. because at £20 it seemed much cheaper and lighter than the wooden ones, and so far it's been great. I think that 90% of my knee pain is gone.   Eccentric squats have definitely led to a massive improvement.  

    But is this as good as it's going to get for me?   Can this slight remaining pain be eliminated if I carry on with the decline board?    I'm mulling over the injection but I can run again now and don't want to risk that.

  • Hi all,

    The condition you are describing is inflammation of the patella tendon. But what is the root cause of the inflammation and is wearing a strap going to address this?

    Most knee conditions (patella tendonitis, knee bursitis, cartilage loss, patella femoral syndrome etc.) are all caused by the knee being out of correct alignment, which means it is not being used the way it was designed, which puts excessive pressue on the surrounding tissues - tendons, bursa, muscles, cartilage etc. - which causes a 'condition'.

    Remember a properly aligned knee joint is NOT weak. It's designed to withstand enormous daily pressures and to withstand them well all your life. But if its not properly aligned then you develop a condition which equals pain which equals your body's way of telling you that something is not right and needs to change.

    Try a little test for yourself:

    Stand in front of the mirror and see if your knee caps and your feet point straight ahead or do they face in or outwards at an angle. 

    They should point straight ahead. Them being at an angle means the legs will not operate as they were designed to - the foot will not strike the ground correctly and your knee joint will not open and close correctly

    Over weeks and months and years you will do damage to the knee which will cause pain, but this is not because of overuse per se, but rather due to overusing an incorrect pattern. Muscles position the hips, knees and ankle so therefore you need to work on balancing these muscles to address your problem.

    You can wear straps, or alter your running technique, or change shoes and more often than not this will give you temporary relief. Unfortunately it hasn't addressed the ROOT cause, the postural misalignment, and so the pain either returns in the same place eventually or at a different location as the strap, shoe or altered running pattern has transferred the excessive forces and dysfunction to a different location in the body.

    So what can you do? Spend as much time as possible barefoot, walk and move as much as you can. But most importantly balance your muscles, so that your posture is aligned, so that your joints work and you become pain free.

    Feel free to ask me any questions.

    Ameet Bhakta

    Postural Alignment Specialist

  • Eccentric calf raises
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