How to increase mileage/sessions?

Advice please!

I started with three sessions a week, went up to four when I started a training program and now enjoying it so much I am up to five and really loathe to take any rest days. Currently doing between 17-20 miles a week.

Now, unsurprisingly starting to feel unwell!

Would anyone mind telling me how quickly I can add sessions. One a week, one every two weeks?

I have been doing a speedwork and have been feeling great (they are very addictive!) but can you do too much? How careful do you have to be with slow, fast run mix?


  • cdc,sounds like you may have done to much to quick,depending on how long you've been training i personally would stick to 3 easy sessions aweek and try to do a longer run on the 4th,6-8 miles,also depends very much
    if you have a goal in mind ie.10k or a 1/2m.Build up slowly,i have been running for 30 years and rest days are very important to let the body recover,get aggod endurance base and take it from there,and most importantly listen to your body,good luck.
  • cdc

    Maybe a bit soon for speed sessions no matter how addictive!!! Take a look at the Hadd link on the first page of the Base Training might prove useful...

    The general rule is to increase your mileage by about 10% per week...that should keep things under control. But watch the intensity..

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