£2k - which bike would you buy?

I've got £2,000 to spend on a racing bike.

I've obviously been doing some looking around and I prefer bikes with classic geometry. I've got one model in mind but I would be very interested to know what people think is a great bike for this kind on money.


  • Yes I know what you are thinking - what the hell has this got to do with health and injury - well anyone spending this sort of money on a bike needs their head examing!
  • depends what kind of racing you are doing. Tri, road?
  • Try the TRI thread
  • My Cannodale is a good bike and came in at £700. For 2k I would look further up the Cannodale range.
  • Best Bike for sure - if you can find one is a Viscount Grand Prix 12GT

    Really strongly recommend it

    Hand built aluminium frame

    send me the cheque and I'll send you what's left of this classic 1970's road racing model (sitting rusting in my shed)

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