Looking for a running partner.

Need some one to train with in your area, then cheakout this site...runningpartners.org.uk


  • I got a new running buddy last night .... He is a bit wobbly on his legs just now, but in a year or so, Im sure he will beat me up the hill I used to do in the morning. So cute and fluffy ....I dont know if my son is more excited or me.

    Anybody taken a Labrador camping or in a trailer on a bike?
  • I used running partners, don't be fooled into thinking there's not many people in your area on it as I met Splodge through it and she is fab running partner and would never have got as far as I have without her!
  • Eeyin, I've got a black 2 year old lab we got at 10 weeks, your life will become a nightmare!!!!
    We are braving it to take him camping next year!
    Makes an excellent running partner when they get to about 18 months.
  • 2.5 days and its not been bad at all ....woodend floor in the hall and living room and tiled floor in the kitchen ..... only one who is miffed is the resident moggy whoose nose is right out of joint
  • Hi hope you don't mind me contacting you but I have never been a runner but would like to give it a go i work shifts as well let me know if you can help me
  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    This is like an episode of 'Lost.'

  • ellen .......... any particular reason you thought ..... I wonder if a 10 year old thread could help me out.

    Seriously RW needs to just automatically close threads if they havent been touched for a couple of years.


  • Ok sorry to have contacted you just thought u could help
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