RW Pacer Application

I would like to apply for the position of a RW pacer in FLM 2003.

Experience - one FLM, numerous other races completed, recent ones at consistent pace and slight negative splits.

Benefits expected - automatic entry into FLM 2003.

(Worth a try?!!!)


  • Not a job I'd want-what if you had a bad run day!?
  • One of the pacers that "pushed" me 'round last year looked a right mess at the finnish. The other as fresh as a daisy.
  • Alfie, you'll try out to get a place in FLM, how selfless of you!!!!
  • Well, one's got to explore all avenues...
    ballot, bequeathed ballot, charities, running club, (don't fall into carried over, rejected 5, elite, good for age or overseas categories) so why not RW? Shame they haven't got back to me though!

    Oh well, will just have to return to postie/fleece watch this week.
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