How boring was your weekend?



  • yeah you're right, i am a typical hypochondriac and don't actually have flu, common cold more than likely, and thanks for the advice, i'll do the run at least i can then make myself feel better after with a nice hot toddy!!!!
  • in a word: SPORTS!!!! unfortunately watching not playing.

    Soccer AM sat morning followed by one of the best premiership games ever. Listened to Leeds losing on the radio whilst half concentrating on the england canada rugby, then great britain v australia in the evening. Match of the day at night then two more prem games on sunday, but then forced to sit through four hours of NFL (featuring such remarkable names as Willy Williams and someone called Plaxiko - isn't that an industrial solvent or something?) before retiring to bed.
  • Sorryy yogajogger - just catching up.
    It was a kiddies film, and my 5 YO decided it was the one he had to see. I think he's gonna grow up to be a film reviewer.

    Hmmmm. He may be able to get me to meet Salma Hayek then. I'll keep taking him.
  • Wont Salma have gone a bit south by the time your youngun is old enough to fill Johnny Ross's shoes?
  • "youngun" "young gun" d'ya think that's where it comes from?

  • Oooh. Maybe.

    Salma ? Old ? Never !!!
  • Spent weekend mostly in bed with my lady...

    both dying of flu :(

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