I plan to start a training schedule next week and it states 8 mile with 10 X 100mtr strides. What does this mean??.
Is it 10X 100 mtr during the run or after the run.


  • During I believe.

  • Cheers John,
    How is your training going, good performance in the marathon.
  • ish. Need to step up a level soon though.

    And you? Any races recently or coming up?
  • I have been building a steady base for the last 2 months of 55 miles per week, I am entered for the Abbey dash, Brass Monkey and London. Its true what you say that the more mileage the easier it gets, I am running the same route in training at a quarter of the effort but have reduced the time over 7.5 miles by 8mins. I am enjoying my running at the moment and the plan is sub 3.00 at London.
    The only races I have done since London (breaking a bone in my foot) is the Harrogate 10k 38.40 off no training at all and Horsfoth 10k 38.20 of 2 weeks training.
  • Same race schedule as me then!
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