Marathon Virgin

Will be running in my first marathon in London 2003 and looking for general advice.I've done Bath (1:55) and Bristol (1:50) in 2002. Generally just run up to 3 x 5 milers a week but will be trying to follow the RW 16 week Intermediate schedule but that seems a huge step up in sessions and distance.

Are these crash courses any good or should I be joining a running club?


  • I ran the London Marathon in april this year,a total beginner and followed the Runners World Training Schedule to the letter and it worked a treat.You don,t need a running club if you stick to the schedule.
  • Running clubs are great for advice/training partners/motivation and shared experiences, but not necessary to follow a schedule. However, my running really improved after joining a club.

    Happy Running!
  • Paul,
    I did my first in 2002 and joined Great Western Runners (Bristol) halfway through training - helped a lot. As you've run Bristol & Bath Half's guess you might be in the area. Why not come along? Email me if you like. Cheers Jonathan
  • Hi Paul,

    I followed a schedule - I wasn't in a club - and it worked fine.

    Do watch out that you don't attempt to do too much too fast, though - if you've been doing 15 miles pw then the intermediate schedule may involve the sort of sudden increase that almost guarantees injury. Err on the side of caution :) Good luck.
  • Thanks for the info so far. I'll aim to do the schedule and make some enquiries about local clubs.

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