eating on the run

what could be recommended for energy boosts on long runs, either food or drinks ?
pasties and crisps arent really working for me at the moment:)


  • I recommend Lucozade Sport - it really does work - or water and Joosters jelly beans! This is for consumption during the run of course. Before, (not too soon before) you want something light but with enough carbs and substance to fuel you; maybe a banana, or a bit of toast, or a little porridge. After the run is when you need to get some carbs and protein down your neck to recover. I usually go for a tuna pasta salad or similar at this point. :)
  • At the risk of repeating another thread, I cannot eat anything at all before I run. I did Brighton on nothing but energy drinks, and it didn't start til 11am. By the end I was seeing stars, hyperventilating and feeling like death. But if I eat, even FIVE HOURS before a short, gentle training run, I am so-o-o-o nauseous.
  • dont try chicken dhansak -
  • I do what Psi does - someone gave me a lucozade tablet thingy at mile 11 of Windsor and that was like taking a wonder drug
  • Dried fruit much under-rated !

    After many months of experimenting with various nibbles, have settled on raisins/dates (wrapped in clingfilm) as my favourite for Sunday am long runs
  • I individually wrap a few biscuits (bourbons are my preferred variety) in tin foil and eat them en-route. They need to be swilled down with liquid. On a recent marathon I started nibbling on a biscuit each time a water station came into sight.

    For liquid sustenance, I've taken to mixing half a litre of fruit-juice with half a litre of water and then adding a level teaspoon of salt.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    lucozade sport,joosters,dextro tablets.

    Rusty - don't you find that raisins/dates (wrapped in clingfilm) hard to digest?

  • Joosters sounds a good idea they make my kids go hyper!I have also taken some jelly babies with me on half marathons, but find it difficult to sqeeze enough into my little pouch in my shorts - also has my keys in , so that by the time I want to get them out afetr 10 mile sor so , they are are a solid lump of jelly and almost impossible too get out while running along , and of course any one watching or running behind you will wonder what you are doing fumbling in your shorts !
    I am thinking of trying some energy gel next time instead!
  • Lucozade. Im currently experimenting with energy bars. but haven't found out what works best for me. What I have however found out is that all the extra sugar has given me god knows how many toothaches and now I need to go to a dentist for two fillings!
  • Has anyone got any ideas as to what I can eat to get more salt into my system when I am running? Apparently salt tablets are a no go and chips would get messy...
  • Spans: Just mix a half-teaspoon of salt into your water, along with a tsp. of sugar to counteract the taste (and give you some energy of course). That sounds yuk but in bottles the size we use (anything half a litre plus) you can hardly tell. :)
  • OK psi may try that one.
  • Brian S - I saw a man eating jelly babies running the FLM 2000. He had them threaded on a piece of thick cotton round his neck and was pulling them off one at a time to nibble as he went! Wasn't you then?
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