Nike SDM - disaster story?

Bought 7 months ago - sent back 5 times - so far 2 months use, 5n months inworkshop. Am I alone?
Mad Mike


  • Mike,

    From reading some other threads it sounds tyical. Have a look back.

    Shame, the reviews it has are good - when it works!

  • I've had mine for about 4 months and havent had any problems - touch wood! Luckily I live pretty near to Seiko so I can always go around in person and have a moan. :)

    Its a shame so many people are having problems because it seems a very good piece of technology when working properly.
  • Take it back to the shop and demand a refund. If it's not fit for its intended purpose, you are entitled to a refund. Not a credit note or repair or exchange, but refund.
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