Shorts, The Best Buys?

I have nike dri-fit at present which are fine. I need to buy some more but any ideas of the best buys. Don't like the Ron Hill range (uncomfortable).


  • sleepy meerkat-are you female or male? If female then the Viga lady shorts are very comfy and attractive on. If male, sorry can't help!
  • Hi Meerkat,

    Female piglets find In Sport shorts very comfortable. The bloke at the running shop likes the blokes ones too :)
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Best shorts I have are Asics that I got for about a fiver in a Sweatshop sale. Don't recommend Hind.
  • I like Ron hill gear but find the sizes a bit on the small side
  • I've got no problems with Mizuno. Didn't get on with addidas though.
  • Thanks all for some pointers, will have to try some out. Do all shorts have a key pocket?
  • New Balance are my faves. They've got a key pocket. really comfy too. Hubby like the mens as well - similar design but the bum bit is longer on mine!!
  • Thanks Loon. I'll look out for some this weekend at my next run or I'll surf the suppliers.
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