New Balance

Just been on my bi-annual pilgrimage to the Lake District and bought for £120 the following

4 pairs of shoes (3 pairs of road shoes (one for a friend) and a pair of RX Terrain)
A pair of lycra shorts
A hat
and a rucksack (birthday pressie)


  • Bod, Do you know if they do post? I live in London and it's a fair trek.

  • Yeah - they do Brian. Call up the shop at Shap or Keswick.
  • Yes, they do mail order. I buy a couple of pairs of trainers each year for around 40% of retail price. One of running's hidden bargains (if you like NB).
  • does this place have a website ??

  • where abouts is the shop
  • There's 3 factory shops all in the North West. They don't do mail order as such but they do post. I'll go dig out a phone no.
  • 01768 774631

    and I've just bounced up the other NB sale thread.
  • The Shap shop is in Shap, literally 5mins off the M6 J39. Left off Mway, right at T junction, on LHS in middle of village.
  • The Keswick shop is in Keswick down the bottom of the village. If you're in the town centre looking down the hill with Woolies on your left, it's on the little road that goes through - off to your right, and on the left hand side.
  • And when I went in the Keswick shop two weeks ago, they were having a sale, so not only were the prices cheap to start with, they then knocked another 20% off...

    1022's for £23.99 (RRP £75 last year)
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