Lost Motivation

I have been running approx 18months.
I was averaging 25 miles per week. 3X5mls & 1X10mls. I talk myself out of running. I work Mon-Thur so can run after 3pm + Frid & weekends anytime. I'm "Oh yes I'm running today, only to talk myself out of it by 2pm.
Then after tea I'm miserable because I didn't go. But repeat the whole thing again the following day. I did the Blackpool Half marathon 9 min miled to 9miles and felt great it was my fastest time ever, then disaster:- never happened to me before, I felt like someone pulled the plug on my big toe. It happened in seconds it was incredible. Felt sick l could have just sat down, legs heavy, body weighed a ton.
It was very frightening I managed to just trot at about 10.5+ mins/mile. My time was rubbish, and the club gold I thought was in the bag was gone. I still have no clue what happened, but it didn't help the motivation any.Why can't I just get on out there? Why do I always feel like a donky? Wheres my motivation gone? With the drop in mileage I've also added 10lbs and can't get that off. I think i'll just shoot myself.
Kathy K.


  • Sounds like you were doing very well for a long time, Kathy. These big bumps down to earth happen. Sometimes it's suddenly, as with you, and sometimes it's a gradual loss of enthusiasm. Lots of us here, including me, have started back after a break and have had to approach the first session with gritted teeth.

    It's great that you want to get started again, and you're not too late to get out there today.

    Have a drink, then put on some comfortable clothes and your running socks and shoes and get out that door. Don't plan to run. Just plan to keep moving for 30 minutes, even if it's only at a purposeful walking pace.

    Then report back here once you've done it.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Hi Kathy,

    I completely agree with V-rap. I've been running a little over 2 years. After a good London Marathon in 2001 I came back down to Earth with a big bump.

    Between April and August I didn't run a step - couldn't face it. And it was harder to get going again than it was to start in the first place. But it's just a phase, it passes. Keep going.

    The key for me was learning to run because I wanted to run, to enjoy the feeling of running, not because my training schedule said I had to.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭
    Do you have a dog? I just ask because I've found an absolute foolproof way to get me out of the house when I don't feel like it. The dog has to be walked anyway, so I say to myself, "sure I'll take her to the park and just walk round" but I wear my trainers just in case, and once I get there I end up running because I'm there anyway!

  • In a way, I should shut up, because I haven't been running long enough to comment - it's still a new toy for me, in this running incarnation.

    But, compared to last, when I was even then appallingly slow, I'm an absolute slug these days. Taking training as serious training would be absolutely awful.

    I have learned to value my running for what it is: a jubilant defiance of the gravitational pull of the easy chair. Running clubs won't even have me I'm so slow. I'll never win anything unless its a wooden spoon. But I'm out there, in the sun, the wind and the rain, sweating with the best of them. And stink proud to be so.

    Age has helped: within shouting distance of my 50th birthday, I've not got too much to prove any more. It is easier for me now to say yeah, maybe I'm not going to be even good for my age at this sport, but I'm going to take part. I can feel good about a good run same as Ironman.

    Only suggestions I might offer: leave the watch at home for a few weeks. Vary your speed (I think the serious guys call it fartlek) so your legs don't get bored, and if poss, run somewhere beautiful.

    Good luck! Marj

  • Kathy
    When I was training for the London Marathon (decades ago in an earlier running incarnation) I thought I was pretty good and decided to take part in a local 5 or 10k race. It was the most depressing thing I've done, people passed me left right & centre after 2 of the 4 laps I just stopped and sat down and refused to budge until a friend gave me a nudge to get up. I figured that as I was a useless runner and as everyone else was far better they probably wouldn't pay me too much attention so I might as well finish it - just to say I had.

    I did complete it, and found that actually I wasn't last & my time wasn't disasterous(sp?) - I'd just gone out with the wrong expectations.

    Have you tried putting your kit in a pile in the middle of the the living room so you fall over it until you actually put it on - it's worked for me.
  • It's nearly all been said above. Go for a walk in trainers without a watch and if you fancy it stride out a bit.

    The other thing helps me is the daily post in Training on this site. Everyone else goes further and faster than me but once I've put my plan for today up I do not want to have to confess to not doing it - so I do it and I enjoy it!

    As for speed I ran a 1:35 halfM about 12 years ago - now I feel great running 10 min miles or 12 min miles on a long run - and whilst building up to 15 miles a week I've lost two stone so you don't have to get back to where you were to see benefit and to regain the love of running.

    Good luck and get walking and keep posting!
  • Thanks everyone your all an inspiration.
    I read Velociraptor's and put on my running shoes did 6 slow miles, but I was very pleased as 5 mins earlier Id put my slippers on and a good programme. After reading all the others tonight(thurs) at 4pm I ran 5miles really slow at 11 min miles but at least I went.I'm new to this site and I'm amazed at how your feedmake has helped. Thanks everyone for taking the time and effort to share your ideas. I'll let you all know how I do in the weeks to come
    Thanks Kathy K.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
  • Good stuff - I raise my tea & toast in salute! Keep running and keep posting.
  • Fiona MFiona M ✭✭✭
    Excellent Kathy, looking forward to hearing regular updates!

  • Well done, Kathy. Sounds as if your body hasn't forgotten how to run. Hang around!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Well done Kathy. I sometimes lose motivation to actually get out there..the hardest step is the one outside your front door isn't it! Anyway, I tell myself, 'Right, I'm just gonna go out for 10 mins..' then once you're out there..well speaks for itself! Well done and keep up the good work. I went out last night and did just 3 miles as it was just so hot. I was so disappointed at first.. but then I thought, well it's better than nothing.. all I would have done otherwise is sit in and watched Eastenders, eating!!!
    Michelle x
  • Hi
    I would like to say I agree with all of the above. I know how hard it is to motivate yourself sometimes. I normally run with a colleague from work and she has been on holiday for two weeks. It has been so hard to motivate myself these last two weeks but last night I just didn't allow myself any excuses (ie. too hot, too tired!) and just got changed and went for it. I felt so pleased with myself afterwards and I'm looking forward to my next run! Sometimes all you need is a kickstart to get you going again.
    Good luck
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