Hi again everyone.

For those of you who have ordered vests and vestops (not T-shirts - we still haven't reached the minimum order for these), just a quick update on the kit.

This batch has taken longer than first thought, but I've spoken to them today and they should be dispatching them all to me on Monday 2nd Dec, which means you should get your items on Thursday 5th. If anything changes, I'll let you know.



  • Thanks DW - you're great !
  • YES!!!!

    (Well done again DW - Thanks)

  • Excellent news - thanks DW.
  • Thanks DW - You're a star.

    Now, being local, I don't suppose I can get you interested in the Luton Marathon team event? We are one team member short, due to last minute injuries and wimpishness. Summary, three members per team, currently we have five.

    Go on, you know you want to.....

    More details on the 'desperate for another team member thread'.
  • Can I sway you with 'you'd get a new PB for 8.73333333 miles'?
  • Ahh, I wondered when this would come up.

    I would have been glad to help you all out mate, but I haven't run since Dublin which was a month ago now due to a foot injury.

    Have also got the small matter of the fact that I'm having horse riding lessons on Sunday mornings at the moment...the consequence of a challenge with Mrs DW that went wrong!

  • DW, what happened to your boozy photo?
  • thanks DW - are you still basking in the post Dublin afterglow of a great PB?
  • Hey ho, was worth a try DW - thanks anyway. Hope your foot recovers soon.

    So whats the story with the horseriding lessons?
  • Personally, I was glad to see your penpicture go DW - it made you look like one of the Pilgrim Fathers, or you'd got a pint of Murphies stuck to your jaw.

    Is this the place to mention my request from a few weeks ago again for shorts to match the tops? I'm sure that now there's a large number of these tops floating around, peeps would like to match them up.
  • Never has so little been missed soooo much by so few as this....

    Thanks for the update DW now people will know me other than the look of my sprint finish ... (likened to the slow motion movement of the dog hooch in the film turner and hooch - that would be all teeth slobber and jowls)
  • Thanks again DW
  • Thanks DW

    I'll wait for the postie every morning until it comes...

  • Cheers DW......
  • I decided my Dublin photo had had it's day. For some reason, whenever I post a real photo of myself, it just doesn't quite work. Then again perhaps it's just down to extreme physical unattractiveness. I'll be posting a new 'DW' picture soon though as we got another dog last week and I'm sure he'd love to be incorporated!

    I'll make some enquires into the shorts Snoop, but do you think the world is ready to see your legs?!

  • ooh I'm looking forward to getting my vest!
  • Thanks DW. I'll look forward to receiving my vest and will wear it with pride!
  • dw
    thanks very much dw,should make the meetings next year easier.
  • Thanks DW!
  • Not run since Dublin DW!!!!!!!!!

    Nor have I!!!!!!!!!

    Mine due to laziness......nuthin else....

    Cheers for the update, look forward to running in my club vest
  • Mine due partly to foot and partly to laziness and overeating!

    Still off the fags?
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Nice one DW. Have to see what comes first, the vest or the rejection FLM fleece.
  • At least the vest won't be bittersweet like the FLM fleece will be!
  • Thanks DW.

    Just need FLM to be good to me now and I will have no excuse for not going out for a wobble round the streets
  • Thanks DW

    Yet another reason to stalk postie :-)
  • Hi DW, can you tell me if my order was included? I suspoect it was too late for this bacth, but am keeping my fingers crossed.
  • DW, what's the lowdown on any potential batch 2?
    I'm thinking I may deserve a pressie, you see!
  • Nice one DW!
  • Thanks DW, I'll wait for the postie that week. It might even get me out running again.
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