Nike Storm Pegasus

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a pair of shoes which will suit my running which consists of a mixture of road (generally wet Im in scotland) and off road / forest track / grass (always wet Im in Scotland remember) running. I am considering Nike storm pegasus as they appear to offer me the ideal solution!!!???.

Does anyone have any experience of these shoes or any other similar shoe which would fullfill my running terrain outlined above?.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks Rog


  • Hmm. The Storm Pegs are OK, but they are not waterproof. I have a pair and they are OK down here in the South. They do tend to let water through the tongue area in real downpours and deep puddles.

    Have you looked at the new Air Crested Buttes? They use the new thinner and more breathable XCR Gore-Tex. They look pretty neat and are OK for some road running mixed in with some off-road. They also have a gusseted tongue to keep the water out.
  • Personally I wouldn't go for a waterproof shoe, but rather one with an upper which lets the water out again easily.

    If you only want one pair of shoes, the Storm Pegasus are probably fine, but if you can stretch to two pairs, I'd say a pair of ordinary Pegasus plus a pair of trail shoes would be best.

    The Adidas Beltline Classic are pretty good. They're nice and light and the Traxion sole has a smooth heel for short sections of road and a lugged forefoot for off roading. I like mine. They're a good compromise.

  • The storm pegasus are great,I do the majority of my training in them.The grip is pretty good,better on wet roads than the previous version.
    Ran in them in a trip up to Scotland and they coped well with the slightly damp (!) weather.Would recommend them to anyone..
  • Some of the Saucony range are equally suited to road/off road running with triangular lugs on the bottom. Ive found them fine for road running even up to marathon distance whilst giving a reasonable amount of grip off road.But then i am a southern softie so not used to the permafrost and raonforests of the bleak and distant north
  • I've just recently bought some Saucony Approach for running with the dog. It is mainly on forest tracks, grass and lots of mud. The grip is good except on long wet grass at an angle. They're fairly light as well. Only down side is they're not waterproof, but they let water out easily. I couldn't recommend them for road running as the lugs ae too deep.
    I use Saucony Grid Omni for road and treadmill running. They have good triangular lugs which give reasonable grip on tracks and grass also.
    Both have good cushioning.
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