Finding race results?


I did the Chelmsford 10k yesterday but there was no clock at the end and my watch isn't the best (possibly user error ;) ) so I don't have my exact finish time (was approx 56 mins which I'm delighted with). I guess I'll just have to wait until Chelmsford AC's website publishes the results.

Just wondering how you all get your times etc? Do you tend to ask for them to be mailed to you or do you want until they appear on the web? Or do you just go by your own watch?



  • has a lot of them; if not, the website of the organising club normally carries them.
  • thanks Fishy - the organising club - Chelmsford AC - hasn't got them up yet but I'll keep checking back :)

  • Sorry to dig up an old thread but I am new and not sure how to post new thread, I am looking for Nike Run London results from 2004, the nocturnal one, I can only find partial results on Run Britain Rankings

    Does anyone have any ideas who I can contact to get full list, pre social media internet is a much different place!
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