I've pulled a tendon in my groin - that big chunky tendon right on the inside of my thigh.

I did it nearly 2 weeks ago, and apart from the excrutiatingness (!) of the first 10hours, it doesn't seem to be feeling much better at all.

It's pretty sore just to walk around, especially when I first get up from a sitting position. And running is completely out of the question. I'm taking 3 voltorol a day, otherwise it seizes up completely.

Anyone had a similar injury, and can advise on how long it might take to get better?


  • No-one else then?

  • I have to say a friend of mine did hers and it was an awful long time, but I think she ripped all of hers tho .... fizzy o gave her a few exercises to do that helped eventually.
  • Oh gawd! Wish I hadn't asked now.

    Don't think I've 'ripped' all of mine though.

    So hopefully it will just be a slightly awful longish time.
  • Speak to a fizzy O - best way to go I should think!
  • TJ
    Haven't done that one, but had hamstring tendinitis 18 months ago. Took a good 6 months to shift I'm afraid.

  • 6 MONTHS!!! And I was thinking 6 weeks was a disaster!!!

    Was that complete r*st for 6 months, or were you able to do sensible training, even running, after a while? And it continued to heal while you did sensible training?
  • It blew up about 4 months b4 the FLM. Couldn't run at all, went to physio and X-trained. Started short runs again after 6 weeks, still really painful, but managed to do just about enough training to get round FLM. Only thing that finally shifted it was complete rest after FLM.
  • Atillathenun; I have had what I think is proximal hamstring tendonitis for the last few months; the last 2 mths it has been too painful to run. My pain is at the origin of the hamstring tendons at the back of my thigh.It is an intermittent searing/tearing type pain that is worse when walking upstairs or uphill and sometimes worse after sitting down.If I flex my knee to my chest whilst standing I can feel a clicking sensation in the tendons. I can just imagine now after 2 mths that the pain is lessening a little. My phYsio thinks that the piriformis muscle might be involved too. Is this similar symptoms to what you were suffering?
  • Runnerbean
    Yes, probably, so:
    - pain is where hamstring attaches to bum, you should be able to find a point which really hurts if you press it.
    - sitting down may well be painful
    - if you do leg curls with weights (i.e. lying on your stomach), you will have pain in the arc where the leg is nearly fully straightened.
    Sound familiar?

  • Attilla; yep sounds familiar.Very interested NHS physio has just done 2nd lot of trigger point aupuncture on me and there seems to be some improvement. I feel time and rest is the main thing however. Not having run for about 2 mths now I am really fed up, as all my running improvement over the last year has surely gone. I am looking to the New Year to hopefully start some pain free running.
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