Wednesday Session - 27 November

I've forgotten to do this two days running! And been away the previous three! shocking :)

What: Whatever I do at work, plus 10 mile cycle.
Why: Work obvious; cycle is transport.

Last hard: Probably today, I'll cycle fast.
Last rest: Monday.


  • what: 5 miles at recovery pace
    when: this evening, some time after picking up Matthew from his X-C at school, shopping at Safeway and taking Mrs S to see her mother in hospital....
    why: day after Tuesday quality session. In fact, last night hasn't hit me anywhere near as hard as usual. Maybe just as well, as this is a 6 day training week.

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun
  • Morning all - its blowing a gale here in County Durham.

    What: Circuit training in gym this afternoon, followed by 4-5 miles fairly easy tonight.
    Why: Coz its wednesday

    Last hard: Yesterdays hills (although tonight will probably be hard if the wind doesn't drop)
    Last rest: Monday
  • Morning Runners.

    What: Already done 4km warm-up, followed by a 2-2 very hard game of squash (154-181 Heartrate)
    Later doing easy 10k off road run.

    Why:Because I just cant sit still!!!
    Last Hard: I would say squash so far.....
    Last Rest: Last Wednesday

  • Mike S., it is such fun reading of people who can describe anything five miles as "recovery".

    No, I'm not being green envious but genuinely admiring. I was thinking the same Sunday, watching the finish of the relay, people who had just run 10+ miles fast, loped in and still had leg enough for a stylish leap over a low wall 30 metres before the finish line. Wonderful to watch.

    What: Did my round Cambridge 4M loop, first two miles steady,3rd mile "fast" and then ran out of puff, so I walked the last mile home. There are times to try harder and times not to. Some runs are to develop strength, some are for the soul and don't develop anything.

    Definitely a soul day. A time to run because I really don't have time to, but I'm not going to let the musts and ought tos win over all the want tos without a spark of defiance.

    So I did, and definitely feel just a little smug for it.

    Now for the must dos...
  • Have never posted on this thread before...never felt virtuous enough to do so (too many 'rest days' etc).
    Anyway here goes - dark & wet this morning (surprise)
    WHAT - 6 mile run to work
    WHY - (currently asking myself that!)
    LAST HARD - Sat 25 mile hike
    LAST EASY - Tuesday at the gym
    LAST REST - Sunday
  • what: hopefully gym session with no treadmill
    why : Knee feels better after 48hrs but want to guard it a little before hitting roads etc
    last hard: 10days ago
    last rest : yesterday

    thanks for your comments yesterday re: my rant - life doesn't end due to minor injuries!
  • Morning all,

    what : Nothing at all
    why : My legs are sore, and I'm going to do three races in the next three days and treat it all as speedwork, so having a rest.

    Last Hard : Yesterday
    Last Rest : Saturday
  • Last night was a really odd one - worked an (increasingly usual) 12 hour day and managed to get out for my run just after 8:00 pm, dark of course but not cold, and with my Petzl night time runs are a doddle. Anyway my route takes me down country lanes and across farm tracks - completely pitch black outside the boundaries of the Petzl - so I'm running along minding my own business, thinking my knee feels not too bad when all of a sudden I hear this almighty - and there's no other way to say this - FART! - so loud that I jumped with shock. So I spun around expecting to see some fevered pursuer only to see a group of horses standing in a nearby field, actually I'm sure they were grinning..........I count myself lucky that I wasn't running from downwind otherwise I might not have been here to tell the tale!

    I digress.

    What: Rest
    Why: Go-Karting evening
    Last hard day: Mondayish
    Last rest day: today

  • I like this game...

    What: General weights followed by bike at the gym.

    Why: Rest day from running follwing hill reps yeaterday.

    Last Hard: Yesterdays hill reps, haven't done any speed work for 6 weeks, knee held out :) Old rugby mate who joined us didn't :)))

    Last Easy: Saturday 6 miles X-C gentle - v enjoyable too

    Last Rest: Sunday
  • what: 5m (ish) tempo run after work with boyf, still get scared going out running in the dark on own, and this route goes past cemetary eek!
    why: tried first ever speedwork sesh on Monday, was fabuloso absolutely loved it so want to see if i can beat 42.09 for this route now that am speed demon!!
    last hard: Mon
    last rest: Tues

    H. re: running to work, wow can't get much more virtuous! Unfortunatley (or not!) I work 35 miles away so don't have the option...
  • Fitgit - Be grateful! I don't work in the best of areas and someone reported me for running in this morning thinking I was robbing the joint!
    Might have to rethink this running to work malarky....
    Going for another chocolate digestive...
  • H. That can happen in the most genteel settings. My Dad wasn't a runner, but he did walk most horribly fast, and walked to work, which was sometimes 2miles, and sometimes more. He was stopped by the police twice on suspicion of robbery, both times dressed most respectably, both times when he was senior enough to have mostly grey hair.

    The first occasion, the officer challenged him, "Why were you running", to which, as he hadn't been, there was no satisfactory answer. Their last question was, after an inspection of his credentials which convinced them of their error, was "Why are you so nervous?"

    To which my father only afterwards thought up the reply "Because this is my first hold-up!"
  • Oh dear.
    Then again maybe the computer I was hiding under my jacket was the giveaway!
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Feeling quite motivated this week - spent an hour last night with a piece of paper and the A-Z measuring out potential new routes. Please someone tell me I'm not that sad!

    What: 4 miles steady/tempo (new route so may need to check it out first before trying to cane it!)
    Why: Because I need to inject some variety - doing the same routes over and over again is OK but sometimes a girl just needs a change.
    Last hard: Probably last Thursday.
    Last rest: Yesterday (my turn to cook!)
  • What: gym for an hour this evening
    Why: x-training
    Last hard run: Club run last night was brutal, everyone was seriously up for a good hammer, can't believe how quick the people at the front of the pack are going.
    Last rest day: monday
  • what: rest
    why: meant to be doing a 8 mile run but no enthusiasm at the moment, anyway a rest is good now and again right?

    last hard: Sunday
    last rest: Saturday
  • Hi one and all
    What : 2 loops at home, first 2 miles gentle, 2nd speed work
    Why : My plan says so (but then my plan also said run last night which I didn't and do 2 miles on Monday (I did 12 catching up from Friday!)
    Last Hard : Monday
    Next Rest : Saturday
  • Hi all,
    as Lanny says its blowing a gale here in County Durham,
    just got back from my longest run to date, 13 miles and a bit, took a disappointing 2 hr 5 mins, should have been 2 hours at most,
    I was feeling shattered at 6 mile, legs really heavy, and I have a blister from hell which is under a patch of hard skin on the ball of my foot,
    but boy do I feel great having done it, YES.

    What: as above
    Why: Wed long run day
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • Hi, the gales have arrived here in Cumbria too.

    Gaz, don't worry about time, if that's your longest run to date celebrate the endurance you've developed.

    What: 6 miles steady.
    Why: supposedly practising what my steady pace feels like, 8.30 min/mile which is my target marathon pace for next year. Answer - just another 20 miles should be a doddle.
    Last rest: yesterday.
    Last hard: Mon
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Minkin - you're not sad.

    What - 2 1/4 mile easy followed by 20*100m fast reps with 50m walk/slow jog recovs (20 laps of a waterlogged footy pitch) 2 1/4 mile easy jog home. All on grass/trail.
    Why - weekly reps
    Last Rest - Yesterday
    Last Hard - Today

    Feeling sore, maybe I'm still suffering after Mondays long run which seemed to take more out of me than usual. Still I doubt I'll follow the sensible route and do nothing for a day or two.

    Hill Reps anyone ?
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    No gales in Rotherham!

    What: weights + 60 minute turbo trainer
    Why: easy day
    Last rest day: Monday
    Last hard day: yesterday
  • No thanks Dust me old mate - did them last night. (and feeling it)

    I would have to have 2 bowls and 20 marbles to keep track of reps like that! The oxygen would start to dry up and I wouldn't know what I had done, past about 6 or 7.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    I have a 'blister from hell' too. Just behind the ball of my foot on the left side, on the edge of the arch of my foot. Think it's caused by my running shoes as it never goes away (you'd think they'd be broken in after 7 months of use!) - the skin just hardens and another blister forms somewhere close to the original one. My foot is a mess!
  • Minkin,
    it sounds exactly like mine, in the same place, bit different today though its turned dark red with all the blood trapped underneath, popped it earlier, thats eased the pain a bit, ouch......
  • Didn't post yesterday, but went circuit training at the gym.
    What: club run tonight - anything from 4-7 miles steady, probably the lower end of that as it is chucking down rain at the moment
    Why: I have no idea!
    Last hard day: Sun (race)
    Last rest day: Mon
  • Minkin - I regularly attack my feet with scissors removing any obvious huge growths of hard skin and as a result rarely have problems with blisters.....

    .......its also rather perversely satisfying!
  • wearily round 5 miles this evening in just under 38 minutes.
    Must find some extra hours in the day to sleep - am not getting the recovery I need for this level of training mileage.
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