ukresults/Sweatshop Challenge 2005

Just trying to drum up some support for this unique race series in the North West. I tried it out this year on a provisional basis and it does seem to have some promise (although it's a lot of extra work for me, especially early on in the series!).

Basically, you need to complete 8 out of 12 of the listed races to stand a chance of winning a prize (Sweatshop voucher). The series is free to take part in - you just need to complete the 8 races. Your score is based on the male or female winning time, unlike a positional basis, and therefore larger events don't put you at a disadvantage. If you complete more than 8 then your worst scores are discarded.

Full details and the provisional events list can now be found at the Challenge page.

Give it a go!


  • John

    Looks good and not too far from home

    Paul K
    East Cheshire Harr
  • Good luck with it, John. Sadly, being on the better side of the Pennines, I won't be doing too many of those races. I wish someone over here would organise something similar (besides my club's own championship, of course).
  • Interesting thought, U/A. I'd wondered about doing a similar challenge series based on Yorkshire and the north east - would include or may be all of the following races: Snake Lane 10, Redcar Half Marathon, Rothwell 10k, Sandal Castle 10k, Ackworth Midsummer 10k.

    Unfortunately, I run out of events on your side of Pennines at that point unless anyone reading this wants to offer me any events to cover during the second half of the year. If you stretch the zone a bit we could go down to Staffs but I think that's possibly pushing it a bit for you and the two series would be independent, so you couldn't score some events in both for your overall total (not in 2005 anyway).

    Any interest, anyone?
  • What type of races are they, John? Is it mostly road, or do you include trail, fell etc? Maybe you could try including something like the Barnsley 10k (just ask BarnsleyRunner if he's about!) My own club has some trail races which could be included.

    I'd be interested as it means doing your Witton Trail race, which is great fun!
  • The north west series includes (I think) 7 off road and 5 road events. I'm happy to include anything involving running BUT they MUST be events at which I'm involved with the results (for obvious reasons!) ;-)

    The Witton Trail race is no more I'm afraid :-( as my club committee won't support it any more, which is why I'm hoping that someone else will be taking over my Weavers event which was first run in 2003 but had to be cancelled this year because the club wouldn't commit any marshals.
  • Blimin' 'ell, John, you'd better get over to the thread in 'General' in order to include your races in The Disappeared!
  • forget what I said about possibly including Sandal Castle 10k - just found out it's been cancelled but no-one bothered to tell me!
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