First Chance 10K

I can't get on the website for this one. Did anyone do it last year and is it suitable for someone who is trying but not yet managed a 10K in under an hour.


  • there's a thread already on this one Sally....with peeps who are part of the organisation of it posting
  • Sally - Yes, it would be very suitable but unfortunately the event is now full and entries have been closed. Could you really not get on our South West Road Runners web site? I've never known it go down.
  • My mistake Sally - should have seen the date of your original post - your entry arrived in time. No.111 will be on its way to you early next month.
  • Really excited about this race though feeling very lardy! Did my first run in a week last night but luckily felt fine.
    Has anyone done it before?
    Hoping to get a PB as I read it was flat and fast.
  • Ms J and Dr C really enjoyed this one! Well worth the trip from Bristol.
  • I really enjoyed it as well. Blew away a few of the cobwebs after Christmas!
    How did you a get on?
  • I enjoyed this. It was my first ever race and certainly different from my training runs. I finished with a terrible time, but hey, - I got round and can only improve from here!
    Thanks for the good organisation and introduction to racing.
  • NorthernBird -

    Yup, got on fine, shaved 30 seconds off PB, which isn't to be sneezed at, 'specially after Xmas and NewYear!

  • Well done CJ/SC! It was also a PB for me so I was very chuffed.
    Looking towards the Fulfords 5 in Exmouth next which is in Feb.
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