Grumpy old man resents ID cards. Anyone else feel the same?

Apparently, it will be something to do with introduction as part of your passport?


  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    couldn't give a monkeys, got nothing to hide!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • unless you have something to hide, I don't see the problem, need id everywhere these days anyway.
  • Yep, don't care either.
  • Nobody gets uppity about needing passports to leave the country, or driving licenses.

    Can't see the fuss.
  • Yup. I'm against them, I'm against paying for em... Although I've not done anything wrong, don't plan on doing anything wrong, I still think the idea sucks.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Not against them per se, but I already have:

    Driving Licence
    NI number card
    Health Registration Card
    Vehicle Reg Document with my name address
    Blood Donor Card with my blood type
    Numerous Credit & Debit Cards
    Various insurance policies/documents

    so I think I have a fair idea of who I am.

    Now, if they could come up with a smart card that could do *all* of these, I'd be prepared to pay for that. It's a pain in the @rse having to carry/find all these different cards/documents.

  • Theres something about the principal of it that I dont like.
  • not sure if I want to have to carry an ID card when out running, but see no problems with having them, just need to link driving licenses and NI numbers to passports and you have all the info you need.
  • The fact that there will be a database to record eerything about me scares me. AND during the test run a few months ago, I had my iris scanned and guess what? It matched someone elses. This IS a concern, imagine if the other person was a murderer? I'd be in trouble!
  • Glad I'm not alone. That Iris bit is scary! In addition, my iris is very valuable to me, I'm not sure I like the idea of someone mucking with it in any way.
  • Having one card that unified all govt details on you would be a big brother nightmare.
  • I'm not a criminal and I refuse to let the state, which is meant to be the servant, not master, of the people, treat me like one.
  • Many other countries, such as Spain already have ID cards with no problems. Although as Nessie says, we already have several ID's principle, it would be good if they could all be linked under one ID or number.

    Think many people object because of the civil liberties angle...
  • But yes, the state should serve the people, not the other way round....
  • Spooky Iris thing Minkey. They use that at Schipol airport for immiration control I think. Best avoid for a while eh ?

    Still don't get it. The State can have all these things anyway can't they ?
  • Wouldn't it be better if we all had chips imserted behing our ears? Like they do with dogs.
  • Waste of money if you ask me. They'd be better using the money to crack down on crime properly rather than pussying around with silly little I.D cards.
  • I don't want the govt to be able to track me like that. i already refuse to use 'loyalty' cards for shopping.
    i've been in a few brushes with the law for activities related to non-violent demonstrations outside military sites (i'm a Quaker pacifist) & must by now have been on CCTV quite a lot for subverting billboards (eg. writing feminist messages on advertisments attempting to sell a restricted ideal of beauty) etc. Technically these are all illegal acts & i'm well aware of this & have never attempted to avoid responsibility for them. I accept that i live in society, even if i don't agree with what it does. So far I've not been properly charged with anything (though it's a lot easier to arrest a nice girl praying quietly in the middle of the road outside a base than it is to arrest a stroppy Womble with fence-cutters, they've always let me go soon as well). I also work with children, including children with disabilities, & with 'vulnerable' adults in a hospital. I'm wondering how long it will be before evidence of my being an 'undesirable' blocks my doing formal care work.
  • Think your post about being a card carrying veggie is what will get you Duck !!!!
  • I think its a brilliant idea.

    Just imagine how easy it would be to catch Osama Bin Laden if he had to carry around a card with his name on it!

    First time he got pulled over for a minor driving offence he'd be dragged off to chokey in a flash and hey presto! the end of international terrorism for all eternity will be assured!

    I'm filling up just thinking about it.
  • Yes I'm against it on civil liberties grounds:
    - £3billion for a voluntary scheme - how long before it becomes compulsory.
    - Having a license to drive a car etc is different in principal to having an id card just for existing.

  • aaaargh
    *the guys in black hats drag Duck away from keyboard before she can corrupt any more innocent minds*

    must've been listening to too much Radiohead lately
  • Blimey Duck Girl is Al Qaeda :-)
  • Yep - I'm an anti-Bush-&-Blair religious fundamentalist
  • I've got nowt to hide. I'm in favour of them, unless someone can persuade me otherwise.
  • I'm not too bothered by the scheme, through I've only read about it breifly in the papers. Sounds like a glorifed NI card to me. And as long as they give the DB contract to any of the large IT consultancy's i wouldent worry too much about anyone 'retrieving' your details. I'd be surprised if they could validate who you are!

    Popsider, out of interest, which liberties exactly would we be surrendering?
  • don't see why people are being so psychotic about being tracked and/or monitored - it happens now for dog's sake!! you are already registered on various databases if you work, have a bank account, pay tax, have a mobile phone, have a passport etc. and the authorities already have the powers to access this data if they need to do's virtually impossible to drop out of all systems....

    the fact you are online can also provide data on you and your internet habits without most people even knowing it.....and if you need to be tracked down, it's relatively easy....(how do you think they track paedophiles and terrorists?)

    so imho a combined ID card is the best way forward to cut down on all the various bits of info I already have.....

    but I have to say - I'd rather not pay for this service.......
  • And passports Popsider ?
  • Don't tell me they'll actually make us hand over cash for the ID cards ? That'd knack the whole thing.

    Why not out of taxes if it's compulsory ?
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