What the ecky pecky!

Blimey - yet another injury - am really cheesed off.

I've got a pain in the top of my leg...at the join. Feels like it's coming from my ball joint

Is so frustrating - last week it locked up completly and took a whole day to free itself... I was hobblind round in agony in the morning any way I moved killed.

I didnt run all weekend nor last night - I did paint a room last night (lots of stretching and climing a ladder).

ANYHOW - today it's back

I am right fed up... is just a niggle at the minute but I know that I cant risk runing on it tonight. My dreams of a half marathon in January are slipping away by the min... boo bloomin hoo

Anyone had this? Anyone got any suggestions of what I should do with it!

Might be a Dr's visit


  • I had same problem it was all down to me shoes, i went to a proper running shop and was fited with a good pair of shoes and all the pain and problems went over night, might be worth a try if you havent already
  • i have a similar problem and have been assessed as having sacro-iliac joint problems. basically my trans abs muscles are weak and so are my gluts (bum) therefore my hips and sacrum are free to move around. the body can with stand this for so long and then suddenly when you up mileage or speed it 'goes'. i haven't been able to run for 2 weeks and its doing my head in. my sister is a physio (i'm a podiatrist) and has given me strengthening exercises to do, pilates and i am going to try a sacro-iliac joint belt. maybe this could help you. i originally had the pain a few months ago, changed my shoes and was fine for about a month. then it came back worse than ever. don't want to scare you but definitely go and get it sorted sooner rather than later, so you can run off into the sunset........ kathryn :)
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