I haven't got in :(

My Fleece arrived this morning so no Marathon for me. I started running in July and this was my first entry for a Marathon. Think I'll try the Watford half in Febuary.

Anyone else got in or got their fleece ?


  • Hard luck Emma, It took 4 times for me to get in but I kept my chin up, kept positive and enjoyed it all the more when I eventually got in!
  • Sorry to hear.
    If at first you don't succeed...
  • Sorry Emma

    It took me 7 goes to get in through the ballot.

    Don't give up!
  • Thanks for that, my partner has applied too and nothing arrived for him this morning so fingers crossed he will get in and I can continue training with him.

    Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear.
  • hi everybody, new to the site, both myself and a friend are waiting to hear also, very nervewracking as a firsttimer.
  • Keep up the training and enter the Potteries, well organised and supported as well.
  • I'm not in either. Keep your rejection slip though, as this year FLM allow those with EVIDENCE of five straight rejections since 1998 to get in. I'm certain that with pressure "we" can get this down to 3 or 4 years on the trot. Its not much to ask: to be allowed to do the marathon once every World Cup - so long as you apply through the correct channels each year.
  • Sorry to hear that guys. It seems as if the Rejections have come out before the Acceptances this year.
    Unless they've flogged ALL the places to charity and none of us are getting in ?

    Theres talk elsewhere of everyone doing the Dublin Marathon - we can train through the summer and celebrate in Temple Bar. Now that does appeal !
  • can i just ask, did you have to sign for your fleece??, only my postman left a note to say i had something to sign and it was taken back to the sorting office, just wondering if it was my fleece!.
  • nothing from postie for me today (well only the usual junk mail) just waiting for my fleece to arrive,1st time applicant so not feeling very hopeful.
  • Saw the postman in person. It was in a black bag with 2 magazines in. Too big to fit through a standard letter box.
    I didn't realise how difficult it is to get into the marathon until I strated looking at the forum ! I don't feel quite so depressed now, could take another few years before I get in. Might have to try for another one in a sunnier city.
  • but did you have to sign for it??
  • No. No Signing.
  • Got my fleece, didn't get in. Oh well, fleece will keep me warm in Connemara - March 30 2003 www.connemarathon.com (commission Ray)
  • Has anyone had a congratulations you are in letter/mag yet??

    Can't stand this much longer.

    Got My RHS mag this morning. nearly had a heart attack.
  • I got an M&M's catalogue this morning and Exodus holiday catalogue yesterday morning. I wonder if I will get a tough luck magazine tomorrow?

  • Just the usual three credit card applications for me today. Not even my copy of Kerrang! arrived (and I'm not sure which I'm more upset at not getting....!).

    Though it looks like we've got the confirmation of our holiday too (addressed to the Mrs)! Hurrah!
  • I have a card from my postie saying i have a recorded delivery letter awaiting collection! What can this mean (jury duty!) or something else? has anybody else had this. Will let you know what happens when i collect thursday.
  • All I got was a credit card mailshot - & that was for someone I've never heard of!
    Think I'm in but need to see that confirmation.....
  • Emma sorry you didn't get in, but seeing as you only started running in July it will give you plenty of time to train for 2004 and maybe be more ready for a marathon. Why not apply to do a half marathon. Good luck and happy running!

    Snicks-didn't you apply for a good for age place?
  • I'm running nearly 10 miles already so was on track to be able to complete the Marathon.
    I'm going to do the Watford half in Febuary. Did the 5 mile Cross country one there a couple of weeks ago which was muddy but good fun !
  • I think we all share your feelings of disappointment, Maybe try for a charity place? Its gonna get tight once everyone hears they are also not in so if you think you could raise some money from friends and colleagues around £1000.00 you possibly could still run? I know its alot of money just trying to look at options for you?

    best of luck!
  • Sorry to hear about you guys who haven't got in. I'm just heading home from work - I wonder if I will have my fleece waiting for me? I really hope not - trying to stay optimistic until the twelfth hour...but as each day passes it's getting harder!!
  • I'm now the owner of a nice blue fleece too. Not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed - or both! Only started running in February, so perhaps its not a bad thing. Have entered the Half M at Silverstone in March, so still have a target to work towards.

    Bad luck everybody who's also heard today that you're not in. Better luck next year!
  • Well I have got home and there isn't any post from FLM for me - don't know if this is a good or bad sign!! Just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.....:)
  • good luck Charly
  • Sorry for all those who didn't get in. I don't feel too bad. I know that if I wanted I could apply for a charity place, but I am all set for the Connemara Marathon, and I know I'll get a good for age place next year (Hilly, you have get the time prior to application, my FLM time wasn't good for age, but Dublin coutns for next year). I feel very pleased that I got in last year on the ballot. It was meant to be etc... Turned my life around, big things. Hope the same happens for someone else this year. Now, listen, if you don't get in, there is Connemara. It's going to be fun. check out the thread in Events....
  • No post for me yet, but I have managed to "secure" a charity place if I fail in the ballot (took 5 years to get the first entry then managed to be ill, then injured the following year and lost both chances), so I'm training - very carefully.

    Might also try the Watford half marathon, as it's local. Is anyone else doing this one?
  • Commiserations Emma and anyone else who's had the fleece today; I've heard nothing but then the post takes a long time to get to Cumbria.

    Find another marathon in the meantime - look at Snicks, she already appears to have a party of 30 going to Connermara! I decided about a month ago not to get too worked up, there are loads of others and I will do one of those, should the parcel be mine soon.

    Good luck to all whatever you do.
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