Charity Trail 5



  • Yes thanks UKRM.

    I have just got the mud out of my toenails but I was planning to wash them again at the end of February anyway!
  • hope you all got your results ok today - I'm still waiting for Vince to email the race files across to me so that I can add these to my site - I guess he's gone off to visit relatives or something, hence the unusual delay!
  • Now got the results - Vince has got back from work! If you didn't pick up a copy at the race, you can find them by clicking here
  • sorry - click here! - chronic brain fade......
  • thanks ukrm - brilliant again! (you, not my results, although I'm quite pleased with those too!)
  • That was fun - very wet and muddy, great! Thank you Barbara for the advice about shoes and ukresultsman for the pointer to the results on the Web. My wife and her mother had spent quite long enough sitting in a wet car park so I sloped off quickly without getting the results at the race...
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