training for FLM on a cross trainer

hi all,

i was lucky enough to run the FLM last year (v.slowly 5hrs 15). i had only been running for a year and followed the runners world schedules. after uttering "never again", i now want to do it again (i can get a bond place via the charity i work for).

the problem is my work schedules have changed and this means during the winter i can't run during the day and don't feel safe doing my longer runs at night in the dark. to keep fit, i have bought a cross trainer and use a HRM to make sure i'm working hard.

do you think it is realistic to do a couple of 'intense' training sessions on the cross trainer and then use the weekends for my long run to get used to covering the miles? or is this totally unrealistic and i need to be running throughout the week?

any advice would be very welcome.



  • Hi Boo.

    They do say that the cross trainer is the nearest thing you can get to running without actually running. I think what it won't do is get your body used to the impact that running involves.

    Could you get a running partner to run at night with ?
    Or get a treadmill to train on ?
    Or use a local gym in the week ?
    Any chance of a run at lunch time - or maybe before work - would that feel safer for you ?

    I think the cross trainer is a good idea, but I can't see it being a replacement to running - whether on the treadmill or on the road.
  • Could be a good idea to join a running club, Boo. At least you'll get one good run a week and you'll probably meet someone who will run with you during the rest of the week too.

    I don't think there's any real substitute for running when you're marathon training, like Cougie says.

    I missed 4 and a bit weeks due to injury earlier this year and thought I could make it up on a static bike durning the lay off. I missed my target time by about half an hour in the marathon I was training for.

    Good luck.
  • I did a lot of my training based on HR and using lots of different activities other than running (yawn!!).

    I think this works well provided you do some pace running on a treadmill and get your long slow weekend runs in (these are the key).

    Look at a schedule and covert the program into sessions of equivalent heart rate on the cross trainer during the week and get out and run at weekends.

    Go for it and enjoy it!
  • I missed 6 weeks running training in jan/feb last year, due to injury and trained on the x-trainer instead. I was aiming for sub 3 & adjusted my time to 3.15, and got it. I don't think I could have done it without transfering my training sessions from the road to the x-trainer.
    good luck
  • hi,

    thanks for this - i've taken all your advice on board and i'm trying to get a running partner too before i make my final decision (or is that just nerves?!)

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