Cardiovascular training

I keep getting flyers from a few local gyms telling me its good for you. Does anyone know what this involves and would it benefit my running i am new to running (4 months)and i am enjoying getting fit


  • ll, I think it's just a general term used to describe a workout which increases your heartrate to 60-85% maximum hr over a longer period of time, and therefore builds your fitness -- cardiovascular training is usually a key part of any preparation for long-distance races, such as half-marathons or marathons because it boosts your endurance...
  • Hi ll

    Or in other words, you are already DOING Cardiovascular training, you're running ;)

    The gym will just give you other options, such as stationary bike, rower, eliptical (sp) etc, none of which should hurt your running.

    I would caution however, that depending on your current level of fitness (You mention only running for 4 months) it is possible to overtrain by doing too much. This can make you feel tired and letargic (sp)and affect your running. Your body will still be getting use to your exercise regime, so if you do join a gym start slowly and as is always the case "Listen To Your Body".

    Also don't forget you need to fuel your body for the extra work you will be asking it to do.

    Good Luck

  • How many times a week should i do the training and will it build my endurance up for a marathon
  • As Michael says you're already doing cardiovascular training with your running. Follow a marathon training programme and if you feel like extra exercise then an hour on an exercise bike, rower or cross trainer won't do you any harm! All cv work in a gym will build endurance for a marathon - mainly because it's so boring!
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