First 10k - new name needed?

Hello plodders. Did my first 10k today - the Leeds Abbey dash and finished in 48 mins by my watch! Still buzzing 6 hours later! Looking forward to the next one!

So anyway - should I change my name? I'm still chubby but am no longer as slow as I used to be. However, CSB has a ring to it, whereas Chubby faster than was before bloke is a tad long winded!


  • I've only been faster than that once in 10 10k's so by my standards you ain't slow...

    chubby not so slow bloke
  • VoodsVoods ✭✭✭
    WOW - congratulations on the PB mate.

    I would vote for CSB but then you'll get people asking what CSB stands for.
  • Chubby fast bloke! chubby really fast bloke. chubby i am better than most of you on the beginers thread should i move elswhere bloke CIABTMOYOTBTSIME - hmm - maybe a bit too long
  • That is a fantastic time

    Well done

    Nothing slow about you.
  • You could take the slow bit out of your name and replace it with word for improving/speed. I did this for my name after I improved my times.
  • Thankyou for your comments. Have decided on the above - Chubby (Don't want to go anywhere else) Bloke!

    Not tempted by leaving as everybody is so friendly. Also, still think I'm a beginner as I've only done one race!
  • chubby fast fella.
    well done!
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