Any tips.... not been well!

Hi everyone and thanks for reading this thread,

Just wondered if anyone had any tips for getting back on track as it were after a period of illness. I usually run every other day for about 4 miles, and all was progressing nicely, til I got a nasty virus and couldn't run for 2 weeks. I run alone and my hubby to be was worried about me running alone at night so I've joined a gym and I'm using the treadmill. I'm finding it really hard to do 3 miles at the moment though - never mind 4, and I'm still very slow (about 12 to 13 minutes per mile). I've been back at it for a week now but I feel really frustrated as it seemed to take me forever to get to the stage I was before the bug got me...

Anyone got any tips or motivational things I could use?

Thanks in advance!

Jen x x


  • Hi Jen

    You won't have lost your fitness in two weeks, you will just be a little rusty.

    The trick I use is not to try and pick up where you left off but to spend the same number of weeks as you had off getting back to where you were. Also be sure that your body is recovered from the bug before you start back or you could be off even longer :(

    So you had two weeks off and you run every other day (say 4 times a weeek) so for the first week maybe run something like 2 miles, 2 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles.

    Second week, 2 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles and 4 miles. Now you are back to where you were. Hold here for a while till you are ready to move on a little.

    You have past the first big hurdle after a layoff, getting back into it so it's all cool running from here and before you know it you will be running further and faster than ever.

    Happy running,


  • Thanks MK - I know I'll get there its just feeling frustratingly slow at the moment, still I suppose as long as I'mmaking some attempt then I'll get back there in the end........
  • My partner doesn't like me going out in the dark.
    just lately can't seem to get up in the mornings!

    Have had a mega busy time at work etc... moving house etc....

    I am going out running at 5pm after work then using work showers ( I teach in a college). I have just started again after a time off (flu, bronchitis and a virus)

    Good luck
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